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E. Tokuno: Address to Annual UPF-Eurasia Conference

Welcome to our annual conference commemorating the UPF Founder’s visit to Moscow on April 8-13, 1990. Accompanied by a large group of world leaders and media representatives, Dr and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon met with President Mikhail Gorbachev and Soviet officials. Dr. Moon shared with them his vision for world harmony in the post-Cold War era: a new value system that could bridge the gap between individualism and collectivism and transcend the free-market system and socialism, a new global economic and financial system under the guidance of a new worldview, the sharing of technology among nations, and a new patriotic movement training people to put their country and humanity first above their own individual needs and desires.

That event was a milestone in the Unification Movement’s history: it broke through enormous ideological and political barriers, and it opened a channel for cooperation between Soviet and Western leaders, and Soviet and Western youth. A large number of conferences, student seminars, and speech tours followed this historical meeting.

The Universal Peace Federation itself was developed on that foundation.

The mission of the Universal Peace Federation is to establish a universal civilization of peace, a world in which people of all races, religions, nationalities, ethnicities and cultures live together in harmony, cooperation, and mutual well-being, as one family under God, centered on universally shared values.

UPF-Eurasia carries this vision with practical activities in the 15 nations of the former Soviet Union, as well as Mongolia and China. UPF Ambassadors for Peace strive to bring about concrete changes in all realms of society: politics, religion, economy, education, the media, etc.

UPF-Eurasia chapters sponsor numerous activities aiming at bringing peace in the mind, in the family, and in society: character education, marriage and family education, sports for peace, service projects, interreligious dialogue, etc.

As a UN-affiliated organization, we support the realization of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and celebrate United Nations commemorative days such as the International Women’s Day, International Day of Families, and International Day of Peace – among others. We also began last year to celebrate Africa Day.

Through the South Caucasus Peace Initiative and the Baltic Dialogue initiative, we strive to carry our vision to areas of our region still affected by painful conflicts resulting from the breakup of the Soviet Union.

One significant UPF peace initiative related to Eurasia is the promotion of the Bering Strait Tunnel project between Russia and the United States as a key link between East and West and a symbolic achievement for the sake of peaceful world.

Let us celebrate this significant anniversary and look toward the coming years with a sense of responsibility and dedication for the sake of all peoples in our nations.

I hope that this conference will bring new inspiration to your work for peace throughout Eurasia.

To read a report of the annual UPF-Eurasia conference click here.]