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P. Jha: Congratulations to Participants in the World Peace Blessing

Address to the participants in the World Peace Blessing, Seoul, Korea, October 10, 2010

Father and Mother Moon, Officiators of the World Peace Blessing Ceremony, Members of Father and Mother Moon’s family, Your Excellencies, Dignitaries, Ladies and Gentlemen, and newly wedded couples from around the world…

On behalf of the people of Nepal, I would like to congratulate all the newly wedded couples as well as those who are rededicating their marriage vows through this solemn occasion today.

I am very pleased to know there are nearly 40 Nepalese couples also participating in this meaningful blessing ceremony.

In Nepal marriage is both sacred and divine. It is not just the relation of one generation; it is eternal, continuing generation after generation.

Marriage is sacred because every religion in the world has a ceremony to honour the union of man and woman coming together. It is divine because God lives most fully in the harmonious union of man and woman.

This is the teaching of Father and Mother Moon too. For this reason Nepalese people consider chastity to be the most important virtue a woman can bring to a marriage.

In this way, the love between a husband and wife is the root of family stability. Marriage, therefore, is the most holy relationship as well as the cornerstone of a peaceful and prosperous society.

My advice for all the newly wedded couples is that you please love your spouse more than yourself and trust each other in every endeavor.

On behalf of the people of Nepal, the delegates of the Interfaith Assembly as well as newly blessed couples, I would like to thank Father and Mother Moon for officiating at this marriage blessing. We pray to God for your good health and long life.

Once again, congratulations on this beautiful and wonderful day of your marriage. I want to wish you a successful and happy married life.

Next year, 2011, we are celebrating “Nepal Tourism Year.” I would like to invite you all to come to Nepal for your honeymoon.

Thank you.