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R. Huseynov: Renewal of the United Nations and Peace

Presentation to UPF's World Summit on Peace
May 28-June 2, 2009, Seoul, Korea

We are discussing ways to fulfill the hope of all ages to live in one world without conflicts and wars. Each meeting like this brings us closer to the inevitable fulfillment of this dream.

UPF continuously demonstrates the highest standard of good governance and moving forwards towards the dream of establish eternal peace for all mankind and forming one global family.

We are Ambassadors for Peace because we want to live for the sake of others and unite those who accept and defend universal moral values, uphold strong families, and establish harmonious relations between nations.

Recently UPF held a South Caucasus Peace Initiative conference for Ambassadors for Peace in Azerbaijan. All the participants appreciated the contribution of the program to the stability in the region of the South Caucasus. We realized that delays in the resolution of Karabakh conflict inflicted great damage on the relations among the peoples in the region. The actions of separatists and terrorists distort the public understanding of the situation in the South Caucasus.

The programs of UPF are open to all the leaders of every race, nationality, and cultural background; they represent every walk of life. UPF is to become the blueprint of a new type of United Nations that unites the efforts of political, social, and religious leaders in order to solve the problems of the globe.

This is a radical vision. Obviously, such a vision is necessary in our days in order to transform the world of conflicts, suffering, and poverty into a world of stable development and well being.

The preservation and development of the best cultural traditions of tolerance is the way to the dialogue of cultures, to the culture of peace, and towards peace in families.

I always remember the words of Mahatma Gandhi, who said that we should be the change that we want to see in the world. We should all feel that we are part of one mankind and live on one planet.

We should always remember that the security of the world is defined by the level of the world civilization. A civilized society needs to promote humanism instead of aggression, both in our minds and our approaches to life. That is why at our meetings we always stress that history is calling upon us to be creative and bold leaders.

Tomorrow we will celebrate the publication of the book about Dr. Moon’s life and work for the sake of peace on Earth. This book is another evidence that there is nothing more sacred than activities for the sake of common prosperity, because if there is order and peace in the nation there will be peace in the world. Our civilization will be doomed to extinct unless the spirit world wakes up.