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F. al-Jama'ni: A New Vision of Peace in the 21st Century

Presentation to the UPF World Summit on Peace
Seoul, Korea, June 2009

Regarding the conflict in the Middle East, the government and people of Jordan are all for peace in the Middle East. We strongly support the end of Israeli occupation of the Palestinian land and truly believe that the nation of peace will only materialize through the establishment of a free co-existing Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital as put forward by the United Nations.

Again I say, we are true supporters of peace; however, regretfully, some are not. I refer here to the statements made by some members of the Israeli Knesset on Sunday May 15th 2009, called “Establishing a state of Palestine on Jordanian Land," or by using their words, east of the river Jordan, which is a statement lacking logic, argument, and respect for both Jordanian and Palestinian people. There has been no comment by the Israeli cabinet, and our government is waiting for a response.

Ladies and gentlemen, we need to be absolutely clear on where each party stands with regards to establishing sustainable peace in the region, and for that we need the support of leaders around the world, some of whom are before me today, to put an end to this dreadful ongoing crisis. Your support matters.

The new leadership cannot do anything in region of the Arab-Israeli conflict. It remains unsolvable as long as it is set in absolute terms that require either Israeli’s destruction or the Palestinian Arabs' exile and political disappearance. Only when both sides perceive that neither can be eliminated will they be ready to live in peace. For too long now, the Arab-Israeli conflict has thrown its dark clouds over our region. The Middle East desperately needs peace, prosperity, and modernity.

The Palestinian children especially in Gaza suffer humiliation, murder, harm and frustration, and they need a voice for peace. The Palestinian children are no less desperate than the children in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Darfur in Sudan.

The ideals of democracy should work to stop the bloodshed and draw a better future for a people who have suffered for more than 50 years from violent occupation and persistent ignorance from the rest of the world.

My friends, your support is necessary to stop the cycle of violence and ensure a better future for the generations to come. Also for many years His Majesty King Abdala II succeeded in placing the Palestinian issue on the top priorities of the international community as well as the regional issues, on the principle that resolving the Palestinian issue is a substantial factor to resolve the other issues.

Thank you. I want to ask Ambassadors for Peace of the UPF to help make the Middle East a safer place to live. Ambassadors for Peace should work to build a global movement for peace for the sake of others.