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R. Huseynov: A View from South Caucasus

The hope of all humankind — to live in a unified world without conflicts or wars—is close to its realization, and how quickly it can be fulfilled depends solely on us.

The Universal Peace Foundation calls us to the highest standard of governance, and this has been the great dream of all humankind as it pursues lasting peace. We desire to see humankind as one united world family.

Ambassadors for Peace from Eurasia are actively participating in a series of peacemaking initiatives. These include the proposed tunnel between Siberia and Alaska, peace initiatives in Northeast Asia, and a new peace initiative to address interethnic conflicts in the South Caucasus.

A recent seminar in Azerbaijan with the leaders of UPF-Eurasia made invaluable input into the stabilization of the region. In particular, we became aware that the prolonged process of resolving the Karabakh issue is severely damaging the relationships among the peoples of Caucasus and encouraging the work of separatists and terrorists. The world community is confused about what is taking place and is misinformed about the real situation in the region.

I am obliged to report that, regardless of all “efforts” of peacemaking organizations, almost every day we witness violence by the occupiers in the frontier zones, and innocent people are the victims.

On September 1, 2008, Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliuev met with a special rapporteur, Mr. Goran Lenmarker, on Nagorno-Karabakh at the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Parliament Assembly. During his time in Azerbaijan, Mr. Lenmarker could understand the position of the Commission of International Relations and Inter-Parliament Liaisons of the Azerbaijan Parliament. Members of the Commission informed him that in the region of South Caucasus, the fundamental principles and documents of OSCE are regularly violated and territorial integrity is not recognized. In order to bring stability and promote development in the region, it is first necessary to resolve conflicts based on international legal regulations.

As Ambassadors for Peace we are called to be examples of living for the sake of others, to uphold universal moral and ethical values, support healthy families, and promote harmonious international relations. Let me express my conviction that results of the International Leadership Conference will promote world community, help eradicate conflicts, and strengthen relations among the peoples of the world.