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F. Adongo: Address to Summit 2022, Special Program Honoring the Life and Legacy of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Address to Summit 2022 and Leadership Conference,
Seoul, Korea, August 11-15, 2022
The following submission by Mr. Adongo is included here with the presentations but was not delivered during the session due to time constraints.


Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, the True Mother,

You and your late husband have changed the narrative of peace and have given the world new insight into human nature and the Creator.

The complexity of the universe compels humanity to keep learning.

Despite how much knowledge we have acquired during the course of our lives, we remain students who can barely understand the heart of the Heavenly Parent that you have revealed in the 21st century.

Your suffering, with Rev. Sun Myung Moon, in the face of horrific adversity did not stop you from great accomplishments.

Through this path, you have opened a new door for peace through international bodies, such as the Universal Peace Federation, Women’s Federation for World Peace, International Association of Youth and Students for Peace, The Washington Times and many more.

Mother Moon, during the course of human history, people have had big dreams.

Some dreamt of rockets that have allowed us to glimpse space, the moon and other planets.

During the past century, humanity has even had the opportunity to discover the Internet.

And recently, mass media and social media have become intertwined, connecting humanity’s spirit like never before through simple devices that are linked to the Internet of Things.

Your dream of one global family under God might have been considered an illusion a few centuries ago, but not today.

The world is gradually moving towards meaningful cohesion, and we cannot but support the trend, especially when obstacles of global proportion show up.

By this I mean COVID-19, the war in Ukraine, and the recent escalations between China and the United States.

Mother Moon, rest assured that in Africa, especially in Ghana, many individuals and groups have understood your significance in today’s disposition of global cohesion.

We will therefore rally behind your leadership and support your late husband’s vision of peace with great passion.

May God bless you and the whole Unification movement.

Thank you.



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