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N.A.A. Antunes: Address to Summit 2022, Session VIIIa

Address to Summit 2022 and Leadership Conference,
Seoul, Korea, August 11-15, 2022


Brothers and sisters, the Hebrew word in the Old Testament that defines the spirit of God or the spirit of life is hod. This hod is what brings life. According to the scriptures, it comes from the soil, from the earth, the sand. Everything is molded by divine creation and the spirit goes into that soil.

When a baby is born, when he comes out of mother’s womb, he has to breathe to receive the breath of life, to free all the amniotic liquid and become a living being. It is this dimension that theology teaches.

Let’s go to the next point, Cain and Abel. There were two brothers, but one killed the other. Abel did not have children. Cain continued mankind. So in our DNA, we have Cain’s DNA. It’s part of our nature. We are capable of killing our brother. What is also true is that God in his creation did not create walls, even though mankind used the mountains and even the sea to separate everything. But in this sense, I believe, and just like our fellow colleagues showed, that the barriers can be crossed. We can cross mountains, rivers and even the sea, the ocean.

We are here all together. The word doctor, which practically all of us are, gives us the capacity to be teachers, to be able to teach. There are two ways of teaching: with words or with actions. Education through actions and through words can be divided into two parts. There is the education that we are taught in school, but the first education is given by family. Our father and mother give us our DNA. But also it gives us this breath of life.

Even though I know little about this organization, and even though I am just at the first step, I can understand why you use the expression “Father and Mother Moon,” because I wish to receive this same DNA, I have the desire to receive the same breath of life. Education will save the future when we will be able to educate our children, our students with words and with actions and by example. Otherwise, there is an hypocrisy. Why? Because too many times, our words are different from our actions.

We understand that freedom is conquered. Equality is achieved. But fraternity is lived, and we live it in each day. Though we speak from the viewpoint of different religions and different cultures, I end with the same image. God took the dust and the soil, which is maybe why we are so different from different parts of the world. But the spirit is the same. The spirit that makes us crosses barriers and builds bridges. Because our cultures and our allegiances may have different words, different concepts, there is a certainty is that our words are a source of misunderstanding. Love and only love is the source of unity.

Thank you.



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