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T.G. Walsh: Address to Summit 2022, Session VIa

Address to Summit 2022 and Leadership Conference,
Seoul, Korea, August 11-15, 2022


Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen: We've really had an amazing couple of days. It seems like I've been here a month, but it's really been just a couple of days.

This session is titled “The Road to Peace and Unification.” I would like to recap the past few months. In February of this year, the World Summit 2022 resulted in the Seoul Resolution. One of the major moments yesterday morning was the presentation of the next stage of this Seoul Resolution into something that's being referred to as a Peace Charter, to move it a step forward with a set of specific action steps for reconciliation, moving toward one nation on the Korean Peninsula, but also starting to take that model or paradigm and apply it to the world, because we have not only a divided peninsula but also arguably a divided world and a polarized world.

How do we expand this vision? That was a highlight. We've had great speakers and tremendous engagement. It’s been very inspiring and encouraging to see what's going on.  I think for some in our broader movement this has been a challenging time because of some of the things that have been going on in Japan that followed from the assassination of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, but I felt so much strength and energy from the time that we've had together. I really applaud Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon for moving forward resolutely with this conference and honoring Father Moon for his tremendous work and legacy.

We focused on religious freedom yesterday and heard a set of incredible speeches on this very, very important, essential human right. We've really set a high bar, a high standard for underscoring the importance of religious freedom.

There's a program going on today with the Interreligious Association for Peace and Development at the Cheonseung Church here in Seoul, and I heard that Mother Moon is paying a visit there and will address the group of religious leaders. There is a very strong delegation from Africa, both from the CEN-SAD nations (Community of Sahel-Saharan States)—which is essentially 25 nations of North Africa; there is really a very, very creative and dynamic force that's here—as well as a very strong delegation of religious leaders from throughout Africa who are proposing an alliance with the African Union and an interreligious council that would support, supplement, augment the work of the African Union. So much is going on. I really applaud the vision.

Dr. Jin Sung-bae, chairman of the HyoJeong Academy, I see you've been working very, very hard to organize the symposium and produce this volume of presentations. This is really beautiful and a tremendous tribute to the life and legacy and teachings of the founder, Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon.

As I reflect back on my life with Father Moon, he always was way ahead of the curve and we were always catching up. He introduced many innovative ideas, such as the Peace Road concept, the International Global Highway System, the need for interfaith, the need for the religions and the governments and all the sectors to collaborate and work toward peace. I'm really looking forward to the presentations and the discussions.

Thank you.



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