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L. Schiavo: Address to World Summit 2022, Session IV

Address to World Summit
February 11-13, 2022


Dear ladies and gentlemen, it’s an honor to address the dignitaries present here, representing Brazil as Ambassador of Peace. In this role, it is my responsibility to defend, promote, and practice respect, peace, right attitude, and justice. For this reason, I will express my sincere thoughts about unity and sisterhood, which for me are the way to implement these ideals and deal with conflicts around the world.

In 2015, with the launch of the UN 2030 Agenda, we promised to unite and work together to improve and develop every sector of our society with respect for the environment and in accordance with the concepts of sustainability.

In 2022, we awaited an economic worldwide recovery to overcome the levels of unemployment and social inequality, providing greater well-being and dignity to everyone on the planet. But we also hope for a more stable world, enjoying participation in essential decision making, for the maintenance of world peace and security.

I’m an architect, and they say I build a bridge between human companies, organizations and countries. I’m very happy to hear that. By definition, the bridge is a construction that allows non-accessible points to be connected at the same level. To build a bridge implies breaking down barriers of language, culture, and currency.

In short, it is putting differences aside and learning from them. It is to practice empathy, understanding that each person’s behavior is unique, a different way of negotiation, thinking, and reacting.

We must think less about me and more about us. That is, understand that we can unite with sisterhood, supporting each other, promoting greater international communication. In 2022, we need to develop actions to bring people, communities, and nations together to develop joint discussions without prejudice or stereotypes that separate, segregate, and overshadow. This year, let’s work on [cooperation].

I wish you all a great Universal Peace Federation Award Ceremony 2022. May God bless you all and all nations. Thank you very much.



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