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T. Nara: Address to World Summit 2022, Session VII

Address to World Summit
February 11-13, 2022


Congratulations on opening the World Summit 2022, Summit for Peace on the Korean Peninsula.

First, on this good day of the Lunar New Year, I heartily offer my congratulations to the founders of UPF, Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, for having a birthday on February 6. I honor the effort of Rev. Moon and Dr. Moon, peace-loving people of the world, to realize the vision of “One Family under God” that Heaven plans and Earth desires. They have actively demonstrated leadership for reconciliation and cooperation of religion, so that religious people can work together for peace. They have gathered various experts from politics, business, academia, the media and arts to substantially build the model of world peace.

After Rev. Moon passed away, to carry out his will, Dr. Moon alone built the foundation for the World Summit as we see now around us. Also, from last month she has made real earnest efforts for the peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula and has further spurred the realization of reunification since starting Think Tank 2022. I truly admire her sincere effort to overcome the coronavirus pandemic, which has not ended, and her sponsorship of the World Summit today. Previously, I visited Korea often to build a bond of friendship between Korea and Japan and have had exchanges with religious representatives of several nations. I offered a “peace prayer” as a Shinto priest representative at The Prayer Rally for the Salvation of the Homeland in January of this year. I believe that the prayer of a million people for peaceful reunification will become the vision of hope, not only for the people of the Korean Peninsula but also for humankind and the world.

I feel that the mission of a religious leader is to bind God and people and pray for the happiness of people while serving God. On this occasion of the World Summit 2022 today, I wish that all religious leaders will pray further for the peaceful unification of the Korean Peninsula and also hope that statesmen will be moved by their prayer and will act bravely. 

Thank you for your attention.



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