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G. Timilsina: Address to World Summit 2022, Plenary Session 4

Address to World Summit
February 11-13, 2022



Distinguished guests and friends participating in this program of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF), and ladies and gentlemen joining it virtually,

First of all, I would like to thank UPF as well as the Royal Government of Cambodia for organizing this valuable program, the Summit on Peace on the Korean Peninsula, amidst the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. I also wish this initiative for the peace and reunification of the Korean Peninsula great success.

It has been more than 70 years since the peninsula was divided. Korean unification will bring about a positive effect on Northeast Asia and across the world. We believe that [it] will not only open the path of world peace but also enhance the mutual prosperity of the human race, interdependency and common universal values. Reconciliation of the peninsula will strengthen the East as a center of economic, cultural, educational and environmental development. Though we are not able be together in one place due to the pandemic, this effort in virtual format to discuss the peace and reconciliation of the Korean Peninsula is heartily appreciated.  

Human beings’ awareness of themselves has made them supreme creatures of nature. That’s why they are not only able to take care of their own food, shelter, clothes and prosperity, but also hear and recognize the suffering of others. It is our minimum job to put ointment on the wounds and help alleviate the grief of others. But, unfortunately, human beings have been the main cause of the smallest to greatest wars of the world. Now, we, with our consciousness, should address all the geographical, political and tactical conflicts. There should be no delay in taking initiative to secure the common future of human beings of the 21st century in this interdependent universe. We need to create an environment for reunification of families who were separated many years ago by war and conflict.

The problems of the Korean people are common. To solve these problems, the two Koreas, which are close geographically, should also be close economically, socially and culturally. To bring the countries together, political parties and leaders from multiple regions can, through dialogue, play an important role. In the context of an interdependent world, to fulfill such an important task, there is no alternative of cooperation among countries. Sub-regional, regional and international cooperation will be superseded by regular international dialogue.

To contribute to peace and security on the Korean Peninsula, there also needs to be peace and security in the region. We can observe the positive examples of the post-Cold War world to reunite the divided Koreas. By coming together, we can touch the highest peak in a short time. For this, we need inter-Korean dialogue and cooperation.

Increasing bitterness of powerful countries and the geopolitics of this region can also negatively affect the desire for reconciliation of the Korean people. In the process of peace for any region, neighboring powerful countries can play an important role. Without their support, the peace process and reunification of the peninsula is impossible. However, the main stakeholders of peace and reconciliation of the peninsula are the Korean people. Having been in the trenches of division politically, socially and economically for seven decades, the Korean people are dreaming of a common future. It is our job to remove the past distrust and conflict, and to help open the path of inter-prosperity. On behalf of Nepal, the birthplace of peace pioneer Gautama Buddha, I again would like to express my best wishes for the peace of Northeast Asia and its stability and the reunification of the peninsula.

It takes vast resources to mobilize our economy, accelerate development work and improve our quality of life, which has been made difficult during the pandemic. It is not possible to expand opportunities for employment without eliminating poverty. It is necessary for all to have access to infrastructure development, elementary education and health. We must use our fight against the pandemic as an opportunity to improve the shortages prevailing in our health system.  I am assured that the enhanced peace and brotherhood among us through a program such as this will help us achieve our common goal.

Finally, I would like to extend my best wishes for the success of this Summit, which is being convened to enhance peace and friendship, reunify the Korean Peninsula and promote world peace. I would also like to extend my thanks to UPF and the Royal Government of Cambodia for the invitation to be here, and for organizing this program.



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