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M. Diouf: Address to World Summit 2022, Session 8

Address to World Summit
February 11-13, 2022


Note: World leaders were invited to World Summit 2022 but due to air travel restrictions, participated by submitting a video message. The following text is a transcription of the recording.

Your Eminence, Honorable Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, whom I affectionately call my mother, I would like to express to you, in view of the February 2022 Peace Summit to be held in Seoul, all my feelings of gratitude, affection and respect towards your illustrious and august person, and through you, the entire family of the Universal Peace Federation.

“Towards peace in the Korean peninsula” is a theme that could not be better chosen to lead the debates during the traditional Peace Summit that the Universal Peace Federation holds every year under your enlightened guidance and under your direction. This expresses, for me, God’s will to always help his peoples by gratifying them with individuals or dignitaries like you who, despite the conflicts in this world, be they military conflicts, ethnic conflicts, social conflicts, economic conflicts, even inter-state conflicts, are always there. These illustrious individuals are always there to stand firm, to alert and to say no to violence and yes to peace.

Today, the world is experiencing exceptionally deep tensions on all sides. Whether in the West, in Africa, in the North, in the South, everywhere, there are tensions. There are hotbeds of tension, hotbeds of violence that are developing everywhere. And all this is accentuated by a pandemic which is still there and which has almost devastated humanity economically and which has taken with it many illustrious individuals.

In spite of all this, you still hold your head high and you still hold out hope and you call upon humanity to hold out hope, to live with this pandemic, to try to [overturn] these violent rules and these terrorist rules in order to continue to achieve this ideal which is peace in this world. In view of all this, I, and I am sure others, can only express to you our respect and gratitude for the importance you attach to human life.

That is why, beyond my feelings of respect, devotion and commitment with you to establish peace in this world, I would like to express my wishes for the success of this Summit which, I am sure, will produce conclusions that can be beneficial to all humanity beyond the Korean peninsula.

Mother, my dear mother, the one I call the mother of humanity, I wish you a very long life, good health and I wish you great success at this Summit, of which I have no doubt.

Thank you!



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