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UPF-Ireland Hosts "Principles of Peace" Seminar

Dublin, Ireland—The first Irish “Principles of Peace” training seminar was held in “Unity House,” the Dublin Peace Embassy.

The event was organized on August 26, 2023, by the Irish chapters of UPF and an affiliated organization, Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP).

The 28 participants included UPF supporters, guests, and a long-time Ambassador for Peace, Pierrot Ngadi, the ambassador in Ireland of the World Union of Small and Medium Enterprises and the chair of the Congolese Anti-Poverty Network.

UPF-Ireland President Youngil Ely Loew, acting as emcee, introduced Colm Ó Cionnaith, the UPF-Ireland secretary general, who gave a brief overview of the work of UPF, outlining the purpose and mission of the pillar associations.

Mr. Ó Cionnaith thanked those present for attending, especially those who had traveled long distances. He encouraged everyone to get the most out of the day’s training and to add value to the work of UPF, increasing the footprint of local activities.

Pastor Loew then introduced Dr. David Hanna, the UPF chair for Northern Europe, who gave an inspiring four-part seminar.

The first session, “Universal Values as a Foundation for World Peace,” described God’s nature and heart as well as the “Three Foundations for Peace and Happiness.”

In Session 2, “The Root Causes of Conflict” were connected to human selfishness and the resulting fallen nature. Dr. Hanna said this could be overcome through understanding and applying the Principles of Peace.

Participants then enjoyed a sumptuous lunch while discussing the insights gained in the morning sessions.

After lunch Dr. Hanna delivered Session 3, “Bringing Peace and Reconciliation.” Humanity can be restored to the original nature envisioned by the Creator, he said, through the various faiths and higher value systems. He cited the Cain/Abel peacebuilding tool as a model for restoring the human heart, leading to reconciliation between enemy nations, peoples, individuals, and histories.

In Session 4, “The UPF Touch,” Dr. Hanna explained how UPF has been applying the Principles of Peace through the Peace Road, regional peace initiatives, and the renewal of the UN, among other activities. He described the work of the eight UPF “pillar associations” in media, politics, governance, development, environment, culture, and other areas, and he mentioned the work of affiliated organizations also established by Father and Mother Moon.

Afterward, participants and UPF volunteers thanked those whose tireless devotion made the seminar possible, especially those who provided the wonderful lunch and atmosphere, notably Kiril and Amanda Toumanguelov and Carol Kim, along with youth volunteers who participated in the seminar.

By Colm Ó'Cionnaith, Secretary General, UPF-Ireland
Saturday, August 26, 2023


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