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Peace Road 2021: “One Argentina Through Peace”

Argentina-2021-11-28-Peace Road 2021 - “One Argentina Through Peace”


UPF-Argentina—“One Argentina Through Peace” was the theme of the 7th Peace Road 2021, which took place on November 28, 2021 and crossed the 23 provinces through a “virtual walk” of “Actions of Peace and Hope.” The event was broadcast on Zoom and YouTube (1). The starting point was in the capital and concluded with a semi-onsite artistic performances connecting with our roots and patriots. The event included declarations of legislative and municipal interest from government entities and from cities and provinces across the country.

This event highlighted the cultural richness and natural beauty of every region, and the actions and initiatives created in each province under Peace Road 2021: community, ecological, artistic-cultural, educational, sports related or interreligious and intercultural. It began in the province of Santa Fe, and then on to Entre Ríos, Corrientes, Misiones, Chaco, Formosa, Jujuy, Salta, Tucumán, Santiago del Estero, Catamarca, La Rioja, Córdoba, San Juan, Mendoza, San Luis, Neuquén, Río Negro, Santa Cruz, Tierra del Fuego (Antarctica), Chubut, La Pampa, and Buenos Aires.

“An International Peace Highway is a global comprehensive project to bring the world closer to unity. It is much more than connecting the continents through tunnels and bridges… it will improve the current imbalance of groundwater and human resources. It will level the richness for it to be more consistent and offer a better life for all,” expressed Rev. Dong Mo Shin, director of UPF-South America and the Peace Road Foundation in South America, connecting with the words of UPF Founder Rev. Sun Myung Moon after a promotional video on the 2021 Peace Road International (2).

“Today is a special Sunday. All of us who have a mission in this universal work, who endeavor from our places to contribute to the building of a peaceful world, a fair society, here we are, from Jujuy, the gates of the homeland… We harmonize with this theme… being united and interconnected in our planet and world, which is everyone’s world… We will have a beautiful day of love, faith, peace,” declared National Senator Silvia del Rosario Giacoppo, representative of International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP) Argentina, before the beginning of the journey across the country.

A group of young people were at Km. 0, the starting point of all highways, near the National Congress. There, a greeting was given by Johana Ochoa, president of Tong Il Moo Do-Argentina, member of Argentina’s 2021 Peace Road National Organizing Committee, along with the new Ambassadors for Peace: David Barbieri, medical officer in charge of the Health Department of Volunteer Firefighters Association in Nueva Pompeya and Barracas; and athlete Alejandro Fernandez, representative of various national and international adapted-cycling events by CILSA, an inclusive NGO. Ambassador for Peace Gabriela Abarzúa joined in the middle of the journey from the monument to the creator of the national flag, Manuel Belgrano, at Vicente López’s Paseo de la Costa, province of Buenos Aires. Originally, the plan was to go biking from these places to Parque Sarmiento in Buenos Aires City, but the organization suspended this due to the weather.

The “walk” across Argentina, which took more than two hours, was an educational and practical example on how to build peace in every community, with educational activities, sports projects, ecological campaigns of tree planting, interreligious initiatives, support of feeding centers, artistic talent and diversity of cultural expressions from each region, and development of spirituality connected to the dignity of each individual. This event was coordinated by different civil society organizations and other areas, including countless promotional and support messages of Peace Road from personalities, (3) including Tierra del Fuego’s Governor, Gustavo Melella. The southernmost province in Argentina, Tierra del Fuego, is connected to the “white peace continent”: Antarctica.

The activities of every province were described by the representatives of the organizations and were presented during the virtual tour to each region. The Secretary of Tourism Promotion from the National Tourism and Sports Ministry provided pictures that showed the natural beauty of every province during the opening.

The organizations included in the Northeast Region were: Pacis Nuntii Movement (Santa Fe City, Province of Santa Fe), coordinated by Ambassadors for Peace Jackeline Giusti and Eduardo Borri, promoters of the Universal Peace Flag, represented by young Ambassador for Peace Matías Sayavedra; Inclusion workshop of Francis Messengers (Paraná, Entre Ríos), coordinated by Ambassador for Peace Sandra Villalba and journalist Claudia Luero; government of San Carlos City (Corrientes), directed by Graciela Larraburu and Alejandra Hoff; “Sembrando Vida” Institute in Posadas (Misiones), by Ambassador for Peace Elena Gloria Alarcón; Association of former Salesian Students (Resistencia, Chaco), by its president, Héctor Pedro Del Valle; and Football School “Los Albos de San Cayetano” (Clorinda, Formosa), by former football player and current national coach Jorge Antonio Rojas.

Organizational representatives of the Northwest Region were: Ruru Semillas del Amanecer Foundation (Monterrico, Jujuy), represented by Stella Maris Miranda; Integrando Culturas Juana Manuela Gorriti Foundation (Rosario de la Frontera, Salta), by María Cristina Elías; Fibromyalgia Foundation in Tucumán (San Miguel de Tucumán, Tucumán), by María José Sepúlveda; Haciendo Lío Santiago del Estero (La Banda, Santiago del Estero), by Marilé García Pérez; and the association Mujeres en Ayuda Mutua (AMAM) for no violence (San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, Catamarca), by Michelle Carmona.

Center Region: Club del Sur (La Rioja), by Adrián Vera; parents’ group Families for Education (Córdoba) by Soledad Cabral; San Juan Interreligious Board (Chimbas, San Juan), by Carina González, director of public affairs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; CILSA Mendoza, whose delegate in the province is Gabriela Mayne, represented by Ambassador for Peace Silvia Carranza, president of CILSA, inclusive NGO; and the Chamber of San Luis’ Micro-Entrepreneurs (Villa Mercedes, San Luis), by Jorge Escudero.

Patagonian Region: Sendero de Esperanza para el Niño Oncológico (SENO Foundation) (Neuquén), represented by Verónica Fernández; Construyéndote, ontological coaching for integral development (San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro), by Luciana Vidugiris; Scout Group 1425 Hugo Giménez Agüero (Río Gallegos, Santa Cruz), by Alejandro Chávez; feeding center Las Familias (Río Grande, Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands), by Alejandra Soto, along with the new Ambassador for Peace Betina Beamonte. We visited Antarctica (Marambio Station) through pictures shared by Father César Tauro, chaplain of the Air Force. Next, the Evacuation and First Aid Entity – CEPA (Puerto Madryn, Chubut), by Pamela Moore Brunt; and the Interreligious, Intercultural Dialogue Board of La Pampa Province, by Darío Germán Fernández Cuadrado, member of the Board in representation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The last region and province was Buenos Aires, the most populous province in the country with a huge variety of landscapes. It was represented by Old Boys Solidario, an entity created by former football player Omar González, with a tireless solidarity work from Mercedes and on to the entire country. For the occasion, they organized the 4th Football for Peace during Peace Road 2021 in the city of Luján, the spiritual center of our country.

The event was followed by Dr. Sung Jong Seo, director of Region 2 of Latin America and the Caribbean (Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay) and Mercosur Parliamentarian Humberto Benedetto, representative of IAPP-Argentina. Salutations were given by directors of the National Organizing Committee: Ambassadors for Peace Christian Oreb, general coordinator of Red Cooperar of Civil Society Organizations from the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, host of the “virtual walk” with Luba Opeka, Peace Road Argentina 2021 public relations person; and Miguel Werner, president of UPF-Argentina, coordinator of Peace Road 2021; Patricia Pitaluga, president of the Civil Association “Acercando Naciones,” Press of Peace Road 2021; Inderveer Kaur, from the Sikh Dharma Community in Argentina, representative of IAPD-Argentina; Julio Nardini, representative of IAAP-Argentina; Emanuel Sayavedra, president of YSP-Argentina, technical coordinator of Peace Road Argentina 2021; Rosetta Conti, president of WFWP-Argentina, in charge of reception; and Carlos Varga, president of FFWPU-Argentina, who performed “Mundo de Paz” (4), a “song of reunion” which he composed. Everyone was asked to join in the singing. In this way, the peace event ended after almost four hours of broadcast.

The entertainment included the Nuevo Tiempo Chorus of Rosario de la Frontera (Salta), directed by Noly Carrasco, and whose members wore a Peace Road T-shirt; the Caminata de las Quenas Dance Group, directed by Adela Yebara, with colorful clothing from the Argentinian northern region, connecting with our ancestral roots and the independence movement led by Manuel Belgrano, creator of the national flag and Civil Freedom; and Martín Miguel de Güemes, in the bicentennial of his passing to immortality. The general director of Caminata de las Quenas, Luis Melano, proclaimed at the end: “Long live Jujuy!”, “Long live UPF!”, “Long live the Homeland!” after repeating the commitment manifested in different parts of the country: “One Argentina is possible through Peace.”

A special recognition, prior to the emotional closure of the program, was given to the 2021 Peace Road Argentina supporting group: Ambassadors for Peace Luciana Zambrano, Erica Alcaraz, Patricia Seput, Ailén Marquesano and Luba Opeka, who assisted and accompanied each of the provincial organization representatives of the five regions: Northeast, Northwest, Center, Patagonia, and Buenos Aires.

Peace Road was permanently declared “of interest for the promotion and defense of human rights” by the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires Legislature (17/10/2019, Declaration 656/2019); “Of interest” by the Chamber of Deputies of the Province of Salta (3/11/2020); “Welcomed” by the Chamber of Deputies of the Province of Córdoba (13/11/2019) and by the City Council of the City of Córdoba (Resolution 2065 28/10/2021); “of provincial and legislative interest” by the Chamber of Deputies of the Province of Chaco (Resolution 1269 del 2021); “of judicial interest” by the Court of Justice of the Province of San Juan (27/11/2020); “of municipal, social, educational and cultural interest” by the Municipality of Río Grande, Province of Tierra del Fuego (Municipal Decree 0867/2021); “of municipal interest” by the City Council of San Carlos, Province of Corrientes (Declaration N° 02/2021); “of municipal interest” by the Municipality of Rosario de la Frontera, Province of Salta (Resolution 815-20 20/11/2020); “of legislative interest” by the City Council of Rosario de la Frontera, Province of Salta (Resolution 4216/20 11/11/2020). Peace Road 2021 was also declared “of interest” by the Chamber of Deputies of the Province of Santa Fe (18/11/2021) and “of municipal interest” by the Municipality of Paraná, Province of Entre Ríos (Decree 2098 9/11/2021). Other similar decrees are being processed around the country.

Argentina joined Peace Road in 2015 with the motto “For Peace and National Unity.” Since then, it has been held every year with various initiatives in the city of Buenos Aires and other provinces, including bicycle runs and environmental campaigns. In 2020, Peace Road connected Argentina in a “virtual rally” in all provinces, including Antarctica, with “Messages of Peace and Hope,” replicated this year with “Actions of Peace and Hope.” The 2021 launch of this global initiative, which inspires and grows and this year had more reactions from the media (5), had taken place on November 23 at Commune 12 of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires Government.

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