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Peace Education

Afterlife Author Speaks about “Eternity” at UPF-Slovakia Event

Slovakia-2021-10-18-Afterlife Author Speaks about “Eternity”

Bratislava, Slovakia—The author of the new book Life & Eternity gave a talk at the UPF Peace Embassy about living one’s life in preparation for the afterlife.

“Life & Eternity” was also the title of the lecture, which was held on October 18, 2021, by UPF-Slovakia. The speaker, author Johannes Stampf, is a peace activist living in Vienna.

The lecture was the first public meeting held in the new Peace Embassy since its grand opening on September 21.

In times of despair and insecurity, people need to see beyond the horizon of daily life. Many people have lost friends or relatives during the pandemic, and depression is spreading. Therefore, UPF-Slovakia decided to raise the spirit by providing an uplifting experience. The event was supported by the Slovak chapter of Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP), an affiliated organization.

In preparation for the lecture, UPF volunteers distributed countless leaflets, put up posters and mailed invitations. But until the last hour before the start, they had no clue how many people would show up. UPF-Slovakia had not held a “live” lecture since February 2020.

However, nearly 30 guests attended the meeting, including guests who had not come for a long time. There were also some new faces among the audience; believers and non-believers likewise attended. UPF-Slovakia President Miloš Klas greeted the audience with delight; he also served as the interpreter, as he speaks German fluently.

Since some of the regular guests are agnostics or even atheists, a broad approach was needed. The speaker’s outstanding insights are intelligible to people of all creeds and convictions. His logical argumentation was well received.

Mr. Stampf said, “People who ignore the eternal dimension of life neglect their own future.” He also said, “You cannot find peace in the afterlife if your life here on earth was conflict-ridden.” It is so difficult to negotiate or enact peace because “peace is the fruit of something—it comes naturally if you practice a life for the sake of others and mutual prosperity,” he said.

After the lecture Johannes Stampf was appointed an Ambassador for Peace. He definitely has lived up to this title for a long time, and he welcomed the certificate cheerfully.

Many guests bought his book, which is available in English and German, and asked him questions until the last moment when he had to leave to catch his train. The wife of the late UPF President Robert Harencar told him that she looks forward for a sequel to Life & Eternity.

Referring to the new Peace Embassy, UPF-Slovakia President Miloš Klas commented: “In previous years we have held lectures at various facilities, always with a certain time limit. Now guests can stay as long as they wish, and share their hearts with one another, get a drink or some refreshment, and study the UPF literature in a relaxed atmosphere.”

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