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Peace Road 2019 Launched in Argentina

Argentina-2019-10-09-Peace Road 2019 Launched in Argentina

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Buenos Aires, Argentina—On October 9, UPF-Argentina introduced Peace Road “Argentina 2019,” organized in cooperation with Red Cooperar, Acercando Naciones, and Community Center 14, where the event took place. This event is part of Peace Road’s global initiative “Connecting the World Through Peace,” which is having other initiatives in around 130 countries this year (1).

During the meeting, we announced some details for this edition in Buenos Aires, which will take place on November 10, with marches and bike rides that will end with a symbolic embrace of our planet at the Planetarium in Palermo as a way to express our commitment to the environment, solidarity, and global peace.

Words were given by Alejandro Pérez, president of Community Board 14, and Miguel Werner, secretary general of UPF-Argentina. Patricia Pitaluga, president of the civil association Acercando Naciones, besides encouraging people to join the Peace Road, gave a brief report on UPF’s International Leadership Conference, in which she participated in August in Korea: “Interdependence, Co-prosperity and Universal Values: Towards World Summit 2020” (2).

On thisoccasion, we showed an introductory video on the global-level Peace Road (3), and reviewed Argentina’s Peace Road in 2017 (4). At the beginning, we had an artistic performance by of the Young Peace Ambassadors from Japan: Wonhwa, Sumi, Rie, Mami, Yuri, and Keina. They performed “Cosmos” and “El poder de los sueños.” The emcee was Christian Oreb, general coordinator of Red Cooperar from the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, who has been participating in Peace Road since 2016.

At the end, we invited representatives of different organizing entities to wear the Peace Road shirt and take a photograph along with Ambassadors for Peace with the Peace Road banner: “Connecting the World Through Peace.” We closed the event with snacks.


1) Peace Road is a global initiative that seeks to connect all nations, aiming to achieve greater interrelation and mutual prosperity. It advocates the peaceful reunification of Korea, an undersea tunnel that can unite Korea and Japan and unite Alaska and Siberia through the Bering Strait under the International Peace Highway project. Peace Road encourages dialogue and coexistence of cultures and religions, nations and ethnicities to avoid historical fears and misunderstandings that have separated us; as well as a better cooperation and understanding among North and South, East and West through culture, commerce, and shared universal values. Peace Road advocates a greater commitment from the international community to solve local and worldwide issues: from violence and poverty to the global refugee issue and climate change. For these reasons, we organize activities, meetings, and rallies all around the world, such as walks, bicycling, etc., with the themes “Connecting the World Through Peace” and “Realizing the Dream of One Global Family.”

This global campaign, which began in 2013, holds Peace Road initiatives in around 130 nations during 2019. In Argentina, we have held this activity since 2015, that year under the theme “For Peace and National Unity,” and in the following years “Argentina in the Bicentennial” (2016), “A United, Solidary Argentina” (2017 and 2018) and this year “Argentina 2019.”

2) Report by Patricia Pitaluga, president of the civil association Acercando Naciones, on the International Leadership Conference in August in Korea:

3) Introductory video on Peace Road: “March of Hope for World Peace”:

4) Video about Peace Road 2017: “United, Solidary Argentina”:

*) More information:
Peace Road 2015 Documentary - MBCNET TV Korea:
Web: / More info:

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