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UPF-Slovakia Explores a New Economic Model

Slovakia-2015-05-28-Beyond Capitalism and Communism, a New Economic Model Is Called for

Bratislava, Slovakia—A world that has moved beyond communism and capitalism to a higher level of economy was the vision offered at a talk organized by UPF.

Austrian philosopher Herbert Giller was invited by UPF-Slovakia Secretary General Milos Klas and his wife, Barbara, to give a talk based on his 2012 book, What Comes after Capitalism?

The public lecture, given on May 28, 2015, in the assembly room of the Futurologists Association of Slovakia, drew a much larger audience than expected. Approximately 70 persons filled the room, with many having to stand. At least 20 others had to be turned away because of safety regulations.

When communism first appeared, Mr. Giller began, it gave many people hope that it would redeem society from the unjust and damaging system of capitalism. But eventually it failed due to its wrong concepts of human nature and society, said Mr. Giller, who in 1976 also authored the book What Comes after Communism?

“Today we need an economic model which is beyond communism and capitalism, based on a higher level,” he said.

“The rule of money over the world must be broken! Capitalism needs to be totally replaced by a different, human-centered system,” he said. “For this purpose we must supersede the foundations of today’s politics and economy through new principles which suit human nature better.”

Mr. Giller challenged the audience to make the necessary transformations within themselves and on the grassroots level.

The audience responded very well to the lecture, and a lively discussion emerged afterward.

The Futurologists Association had offered its assembly room for the program and had advertised the event on its website after being contacted by a local UPF supporter. The association, which is part of the Association of Slovak Scientific and Technological Societies, had scheduled a similar event in May.

A video of the two-hour lecture has been posted on the Futurologists’ website. In addition, Mr. Giller gave an interview to a journalist from Radio Slovakia International.

For more information about the author and his books, please visit:


The full presentation is available to view in Slovak.

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