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International Leaders Bring Insights and Aid to UPF-Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya - Ambassadors for Peace from across the country gathered in Nairobi to welcome the UPF International President and Secretary General and to take part in a meeting convened by UPF Kenya on Nov. 3, 2010. The conference was co-sponsored by some Ambassadors for Peace committed to vision of UPF in advocating for peace and transforming society.

The main speaker, Dr. Thomas Walsh, the UPF international president, talked about the vision of the founder and outlined the mission, goals, and guiding principles of UPF. He pointed out the importance of spirituality and the need to establish an interreligious council within the UN system. He called upon participants to initiate and advance programs that support the institution of family as the foundation of a stable nation and encouraged them forge a movement to help establish a new generation that will contribute to making our society and our world a more just, equitable, and beautiful place.



Other speakers included Mr. Taj Hamad, UPF International Secretary General. He shared about the activities of UPF on a worldwide level. The report highlighted on the active roles played by partner organizations such as the United Nations and African Union among others in supporting the vision and goals of UPF.

Dr. Hee Sun Ji, Regional Chair of UPF-Africa, welcomed the UPF International President and the Secretary General to Africa and introduced them to the audience. The participants felt honored to have the two of the top officials from the international office visit their nation. Dr. Hasmukh Dawda, Chairman of UPF-Kenya, thanked the audience for turning out in large numbers to welcome the international officials. He emphasized the need to promote the spirit of "living for the sake of others” and build strong families. He also stressed the need to focus on economic development while promoting the role of spirituality in advancing true peace.

UPF-Kenya Secretary General Rev. Emmanuel Tanui shared about UPF's activities, including its successes and challenges, during 2010. He expressed appreciation for the enormous support received from partner organizations and Ambassadors for Peace for peacebuilding and related activities before and after the August 4 national referendum on the proposed constitution. He outlined plans and strategies for projects and activities and encouraged Ambassadors for Peace to be more proactive and take ownership of the vision of the founder of UPF while promoting the effectiveness of the UN.

Among the speakers was a representative from UPF-Japan, Mr. Yamasaki, who serves as Secretary General of Team Africa, the organization formed by Japanese Ambassadors for Peace with the aim of supporting development and peace activities in Africa. Team Africa formed a partnership with UPF-Africa to share, initiate, and support programs that foster peace and alleviate poverty. Mr. Yamasaki described the successes in Japan of environmental activities and outlined a comprehensive plan to initiate something similar in Kenya with the support of Team Africa. The Making Kenya Green initiative will involve planting and caring for trees. This activity will be undertaken with support from the Ambassadors for Peace, NGO partners, and government institutions.

The meeting concluded with a question and answer session moderated by Rev. Mwalagho Kililo, Secretary General of UPF-Africa, who was also the master of ceremonies for the event. Mr. Hamad, Rev. Tanui, and Mr. Yamasaki took questions from the audience and clarified a number of issues of concern. The event concluded with a presentation of certificates to new Ambassadors for Peace.



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