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Peace Education

World Assembly Envisions the Dawn of New Era

USA-2010-07-24-World Assembly Envisions the Dawn of New Era

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New York, USA - It was a day of song, prophecy, and proclamation, as the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, surrounded by thousands of people from around the world, made bold predictions at a festive gathering in the Manhattan Center in New York on July 24.

In two years, a new era of peace and prosperity will dawn in which the spiritual and earthly worlds will be connected as never before, secular traditions of the world will become less effective, and all people will become one family through cross-cultural marriage. The event was entitled “The World Assembly to Proclaim the Substantial Word of God and the Era of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.”

Father Moon repeated the text of the proclamation given on July 8 in Korea to an audience that included Christian and Muslim leaders. Three hundred people from Europe and 200 from Japan had traveled to New York for the occasion. “The spiritual and earthly worlds will be connected and brought into oneness, and all things will be governed under the union of the spiritual and physical worlds,” Father Moon told the gathering which was broadcast on the Internet.

“All people will become one family through cross-cultural marriage and the World Peace Marriage Blessing, and we will enjoy tranquility and happiness in the sacred reign of peace.”

The invocation was offered by Bishop Jesse Edwards, Co-president of the American Clergy Leadership Conference. Dr. Thomas Walsh, president of the Universal Peace Federation, served as the Master of Ceremonies.

Father Moon’s second daughter, Rev. In Jin Moon, gave welcoming remarks. “Let us go forward with pride in who we are and with gratitude to God,” she said. The celebratory mood of the event was heightened by her New York-based Lovin’ Life Ministries Band, which performed rock classics and recent hits as well as several original songs.

Dr. Neil A. Salonen, President of the University of Bridgeport in the US, pointed out that Father Moon came to the United States because of the spiritual foundation planted here centuries ago by Christian immigrants. He also praised his extraordinary optimism about the possibilities of human transformation through faith. People inspired by his teachings helped to open lines of communication between leaders across the Iron Curtain and the racial divide in South Africa.

This historical background was followed by video comments by Mr. Alexander P. Haig, son of Gen. Alexander Haig, Jr., who worked with UN forces that attacked Heung Nam in 1950, sparing Father Moon from execution as a prisoner in a death camp. Gen. Haig's passing in late February inspired Father Moon to initiate a series of “Legacy of Peace” memorial services around the world, paying tribute to people whose lives have advanced the cause of peace. Further spirited tribute was given by Archbishop George A. Stallings, Jr., Co-president of the American Clergy Leadership Conference.

Father Moon was introduced by his youngest son, Rev. Hyung Jin Moon, International President of UPF, who explained that his father has revealed eternal truth a way that people of all backgrounds can understand, inspiring people on earth and in the spiritual world to join in advancing God’s will.

Taking the podium for an hour of reading a prepared text and commenting on it, Father Moon urged the audience to prepare for a revolutionary and cosmic change to commence on January 13, 2013. With graciousness and surprising vigor, the 90-year-old visionary encouraged families to study his writings daily, deepen the unity of heart between parents and children, and cultivate a sense of living in God’s presence and in the company of their ancestors.

Reporting contributed by Doug Burton
For comments by Dutch Ambassadors for Peace, click here.

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