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Peace Education

“Honoring a Peace Legacy” Reaches Its 100th Session in Argentina

Argentina-2022-12-05-“Honoring a Peace Legacy” Reaches Its 100th Session in Argentina


Argentina— “Honoring a Peace Legacy,” a UPF-Argentina initiative created as a response to the global quarantine on April 20, 2020, reached its 100th session at the end of the 2022 Series. This initiative consists of reading inspiring words from UPF Founders, comments and reflections from participants, and a prayer in the end.

During the weekly meeting on Zoom, which gathers from 10 to 20 participants, among them Ambassadors for Peace and guests, excerpts from Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s autobiography, As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen, were shared, while in previous years we read portions of the Pyeong Hwa Gyeong book (Peace Messages).

“Leaving Behind a Love Legacy” was the title of the content shared during the last 2022 session, on December 5, 2022, which to start off had the showing of an inspirational video, as always. This time the video was: “The Reason Why Sadio Mané Builds Hospitals…” (1). This video is related to Qatar’s World Cup, which has had great expectations here.

The theme of the 34th 2022 Session was “A Meaningful Life.” The 2020 and 2021 editions of “Honoring a Peace Legacy” had 33 meeting each year, continuing through 2022 with 100 sessions in total.

The regular moderators of the 2022 Series have been Inderveer Kaur, representative of the Interreligious Association for Peace and Development (IAPD) in Argentina; Ambassador for Peace Rosa Di LorenzoEmanuel Sayavedra, UPF-Argentina secretary general; and Miguel Werner, UPF-Argentina president. The readings were given by Alba Luz Tangarife, from UPF-Argentina’s Administrative Council; Rosetta Conti, from UPF-Argentina’s Governing Board; and Ailén Marquesano and Erika Alcaraz, UPF-Argentina Staff. After comments from participants, Julio Nardini, representative of Ambassadors for Peace and the International Association of Academicians for Peace (IAAP) in Argentina who gave valuable contributions every edition, gave a “reflection of reflections,” relating highlights of various readings and comments from participants.

The Series’ goal: “To learn from the Founders’ messages and experiences and from participants’ reflections and experiences. To listen and have more empathy, in times where we need to strengthen our spirituality, bonds and unity. To promote a fraternal spirit in an environment of interreligious, intercultural and intergenerational dialogue. To encourage all to greater commitments for common good, in the perspective of Service, Family and Peace.”

The previous sessions’ themes and dates were: 33rd: “Sacred Fire” (2022-11-28); 32nd: “Love Breaking Down Hatred” (2022-11-14); 31st: “Cornerstone” (2022-11-7); 30th: “Fatherly Love” (2022-10-24); 29th: “The Core of Peace” (2022-10-10); 28th: “Resilience and Overcoming” (in support of the International Day of Non-Violence and Atonement Day – Yom Kippur) 2022-10-3; 27th: “Healing the Past and Building Peace” (in support of the International Day of Peace) 2022-9-19; 26th: “Pioneers of Change II” (2022-9-12); 25th: “Pioneers of Change” (2022-9-5); 24th: “Transcending Frontiers” (2022-8-22); 23rd: “Art and Culture Open Doors” (2022-8-8); 22nd: “Tradition and Education” (2022-8-1); 21st: “The Power of Art” (2022-7-25); 20th: “If There Is a Will, There Is a Way” (2022-7-11); 19th: “Opportunities After the Obstacles” (2022-7-4); and 18th: “Past and Present Persecutions and Agonies” (2022-6-27).

The 2022 Sessions began on February 28, with a “Prayer for Peace” due to the current European conflict. Later, the meetings had the following themes: 2nd: “The Path towards Peace” (2022-3-7); 3rd: “The Joy of Giving” (2022-3-14); 4th: “Our Childhood: Past and Present” (2022-2-21); 5th: “Patriots and Heroines” (2022-3-28); 6th: “Character and Determination” (2022-4-4); 7th: “Loving and Learning from Nature” (2022-4-11); 8th: “Experiences and Lessons from Easter/Pesach” (2022-4-18); 9th: “Loving and Learning from Nature II” (2022-4-25); 10th: “Which is my Assessment of Work?” (2022-5-2); 11th: “Learning to Overcome” (2022-9-5); 12th: “Family Experiences” (2022-5-16); 13th: “Perseverance, Discipline and Dedication” (2022-5-23); 14th: “Keys that Open Doors” (2022-5-30); 15th: “Harmonizing with Creation” (2022-6-6); 16th: “How to Be Brave and Free Today?” (2022-6-13); and 17th: “Spirituality and Love for our Homeland” (2022-6-20) (2).


1) “The Reason Why Sadio Mané Builds Hospitals…”:

2) “Harmonizing with Creation” – Theme of the 15th 2022 Session – 2022-6-6:

Loving and Learning from Nature” II - Theme of the 9th 2022 Session – 2022-4-25:

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