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Character Education

Cultivating good character is an important part of a child's education at home, at school and in the community. Many UPF chapters offer lessons in classrooms or train teachers and administrators in character education or peace education.

Lovingly selected, these famous and not-so-famous fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen are retold with a character education emphasis for today. From the perennially moving The Ugly Duckling and The Little Match Girl to the lesser known but delightful It’s Perfectly True and The Water of Life, the book takes teachers and students into a fantasy world that nevertheless contains the deepest truth: a heart of goodness is a treasure for life. The consequences of doing bad things out of a selfish character and the rewards of doing good things out of an unselfish character are vividly depicted. Fanciful illustrations add to the fun and poignancy of this treasure trove of meaningful fantasy adventures.

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The stories in Learning to Be Good are retellings of famous fables, especially Aesop’s, with a character education emphasis. These timeless and illustrative stories have traveled from culture to culture and generation to generation. They appeal to all age groups with their simple but universal lessons about human nature and morality. Since most of the main characters are animals, they have a special appeal to children of this age. Charming illustrations and playful, dynamic activities suggested in the accompanying teacher’s lessons plans enhance the stories and reinforce the lessons learned in a hands-on way.

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UPF is initiating training programs in the US that will allow hosting churches or community organizations to adopt Character Education as an outreach program and by hosting it, to earn funds to help sustain this program.


The curriculum is non-sectarian and so can be adopted and incorporated into any religious or secular environment. We will also be offering training programs to certify Character Education Trainers to offer this training throughout the U.S.

UPF has conducted workshops to train teachers and other professionals in over thirty countries around the world.

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UPF sent college-age young adults to seven countries in 2007 as "peer educators." These youth educators are profoundly effective in reaching youth, and the experiences were life-changing.

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Autumn 2007 was a busy time for character education. Not only did UPF representatives travel to four different countries in one month, representatives from more than a dozen countries attended workshops and planned to carry the message of character education back to their countries. One Muslim representative thought the Discovering the Real Me character education curriculum produced by UPF was just the thing for the Kurdistan region of Iraq, where economic, social, and peace achievements are blossoming but often ignored by the mass media.

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Discovering the Real Me Student and Teacher Book 1

Book 3: Discovering the Real Me, Student Textbook 3: Living Happily Ever After, Ages 8 to 9 Years

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Book 2: Discovering the Real Me, Student Textbook and Teacher’s Manual 2: Wise and Wonderful, Ages 7 to 8 Years

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Character education curiculum overview.

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“This series of books Discovering The Real Me for students of levels 1-12 has amassed knowledge which speaks to the reality of living in this complex and challenging world. The books share with students, parents and teachers lessons that will empower them with strategies that will help make living in this world much easier. The books are reader-friendly, can be personalized to the users and—best of all—are culturally and historically sound.”

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In 2007, UPF launched its Peer Counselor Intern program by sending 30 college students to seven countries. The program in 2008 is expanding to twenty countries.

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