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Character Education

Ghanaian Children Hear UPF Character Education

Ghana-2015-08-01-Children Hear UPF Character Education

Accra, Ghana—UPF-Ghana held a one-day seminar to introduce character education principles to 37 primary and junior high school students.

The seminar, held on August 1, 2015, in the Jerusalem Pentecostal Church in Labadi-Accra, explained the five universal principles of peacebuilding and core ethical values in a program designed for young people.

Rev. Dr. S.L. Lomotey, the bishop and founder of the church, offered his chapel and provided facilities for the seminar, including lunch.

Dr. Lomotey is an Ambassador for Peace and one of the earliest members of UPF-Ghana. Even before UPF was founded in 2005, he supported the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace, the organization that preceded UPF. Dr. Lomotey played a vital role in the 1995 visit to Ghana of UPF Founders Dr. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, and he holds in high esteem the Founders’ vision for world peace.

The seminar began with an exercise that challenged the students to discover a small truth that can fulfill life’s goals 100 percent. The students watched the PowerPoint presentation with great interest and were amazed to discover that the main ingredient for success is neither hard work, knowledge, money nor luck. Rather, it is our attitude toward life and work. At the end of the presentation the pupils learned that our lives can change for good only if we change our attitude. 

When questioned on what they will do, having discovered the truth about life and its goals, some answered that they will change their attitude while some responded that they will share the message with their friends. This warmup exercise prepared them to remain focused throughout the seminar. 

Expressing his gratitude to the UPF secretary general who lectured the students, Dr. Lomotey said he felt honored that the children from his church and the area were among those who benefited from the workshop. He acknowledged that ethical values are what families and nations need at this crucial time if peace is to be achieved.

Some parents were invited to take part in the seminar in order to learn how to educate their children at home. One of them thanked UPF on behalf of all the parents and urged UPF to continue the educational program during the school year, explaining that there are no such contents in any school curriculum.

UPF will continue to provide character education to children in that area as a model for future leadership training. The second part of the seminar therefore has been fixed for August 29, 2015, in order to impress the message on the children once more before the new school year begins.

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