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National Peace Council Created in Benin

Hon. Juste Guedou (center), flanked by the sub regional chair of UPF and secretary general of UPF-Benin (left) and Prof. Aziadome Kogblevi, chairman of Presiding Council, and Queen Marie Constance Egbo-Glele, communication and PR director on the National Executive Committee (right).
Benin's National Peace Council was launched on July 7, 2007, with more than 120 participants. The ceremony had the support of Benin's government, through the presence of the Vice-Minister Juste Guedou, representing the Minister in Charge of Relationship with Institutions, Porte-parole of Benin's government.

On behalf of Benin's government, Hon. Guedou congratulated the Founders of the Universal Peace Federation for their work for world peace. He remarked that the primary function of the culture of peace is to promote social, economic, political, cultural and religious stability in all nations, and the National Peace Council will be a great help for this purpose. He then pointed out that having the support of Benin's government is essential for the success of the Council, as well as its activities in general.

Hon. Guedou was presented with an Ambassador for Peace certificate by West Africa-1 UPF Sub Regional Chair Mr. Paterne Zinsou. Certificates were presented to three other dignitaries, including a former diplomat and magistrate of the International Penal Court, Mr. Isaac Fayomi; a Methodist pastor; and Mrs. Emilyene Fayomi, editor-in-chief at the Benin government National Television station. She has been designated President of the Media Peace Council within the National Peace Council.

H.E. Juste Guedou
Many dignitaries were present at the launching, including government representatives, former ministers, four current Deputies of the Benin National Assembly, religious and political leaders, diplomats, journalists, NGO leaders, bankers and economists.

This installation ceremony was broadcast nationally and internationally by Benin National Television, four radio stations and many newspapers. Interviews with Mr. Zinsou, secretary general of UPF-Benin Mr. Pierre Amoussouvi, and the vice-minister have been broadcast many times.

The composition of the National Peace Council was based on the international UPF guidelines and modeled according to the UN structure. The National Peace Council is led by the Presiding Council. The National Executive Committee includes the executive president, two vice-presidents, the secretary general and five executive directors. The council is comprised of:

Ambassadors for Peace gather for group photo
  • Interreligious Peace Council, including religious leaders of all faiths
  • Security and Development Peace Council, including former and current members of the government and political leaders
  • Parliamentarians Peace Council, including former and current deputies to the National Assembly
  • Economic Peace Council, including business leaders and bankers
  • Education Peace Council
  • Media Peace Council
  • Kings and Traditional Chiefs Peace Council
  • Police and Army Peace Council
  • Justice Peace Council
  • Diplomatic Peace Council
  • Local Government Peace Council
  • NGO Peace Council
The Ambassadors for Peace were pleased with this development of the activities and vision of UPF. All the members of the Presiding Council and the National Peace Council pledged to fulfill the responsibilities assigned to them.

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