Peace and Security


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Peace and Security

UPF-Canada Addresses the Radicalization Threat


Toronto, Canada—With growing challenges to public safety and security around the world, UPF-Canada held a seminar on “Meeting the Challenges of Radicalization.”

Author Qamrul Khanson, in a 30-minute talk given at the March 14, 2015, meeting of UPF-Canada’s Central District, said that Radicalized Religious Ideology (RRI) dates back to the sixth century AD with an offshoot of Islam that was known as Khawarij.

He defined RRI as “the philosophy of wicked and innovatory stimulus (motivation), instilling enigmatic (mysterious) passion, resulting in the outcome of intolerant, dictatorial, and coercive laws violating the celestial (divine) teachings of the main faith."

Religious agendas perceived as fanatic often include those from the far right, as well as radicals and fanatics, he said.

This kind of ideology has damaged the image of Islam and Muslims, he said, because Islamic principles and mainstream Muslims oppose it. Unless concrete steps are taken to discourage extremism and bigotry that are waged in the name of religion, these violent forces will only become stronger.

The key to defeating Radicalized Religious Ideology (RRI) and the terrorism that derives from it, he said, is to reduce the motivation for radicalization. Public awareness and a culture built on tolerance and acceptance are essential tools in this battle of attrition. In modern times, Author Khanson said, religion is motivating religions and nations to forge peacebuilding alliances based on common virtues. 

"The outreach messages from interfaith leaders and the leaders of government to the Muslim community would certainly motivate the public in general, and a person like me in particular, to be vociferous against secretive elements in the society who may pose a threat to our security and mosaic unity of our nation," said Author Khanson.

UPF-Canada Chair Dr. Moonshik Kim, UPF-Canada Central District Co-Chairs Mr. Mitch Dixon and Dr. Hoossen Auckberaullee, Dr. R. Thillairajan and other Ambassadors for Peace engaged in a discussion for almost an hour. Their conclusion was that radicalization is an evil that is to be eradicated through collective support from all religious, cultural and government agencies to raise awareness of the threat.

Photo courtesy of Edmond Young

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