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UPF-Argentina Leads Discussion on the Korean Peninsula

Argentina-2022-11-08-UPF-Argentina Presents a Panel at Intercultural and Interreligious Congress


Buenos Aires, Argentina— “The Korean Peninsula: 38th Parallel and a Path Towards Peace” was the theme of the 7th Board of the 5th World Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue Congress – “A Path Towards Peace.” A presentation was given by Rev. Dong Mo Shin, regional director of UPF-South America and the South America Peace Road Foundation.

The event took place on November 8, 2022, at CEMA University’s Angélica Zapata Auditorium, in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. The panel also consisted of Dr. David Frol, religious freedom representative, active promoter of interreligious dialogue, and deputy vice-president of the Argentinian Council for Religious Freedom (CALIR); Dr. Jorge Tuero, economic analyst, expert in transcultural negotiation, and co-founder and director of the NGO Acercando Naciones; and Mercedes Giuffré, coordinator of the Work Group on Korea at the Asia-Pacific Committee in the Argentinian Council for International Relations (CARI).

“Many work hard to make this a place of reconciliation and peace, not a battlefield. It is a place that encapsulates the pain of the Cold War and confrontation. However, at the same time, it is a place that registers the efforts to establish peace in the Korean Peninsula. This place has become a space with beautiful nature which has been untouched for decades. This division in the Korean Peninsula offers a perspective to make the Demilitarized Zone a peaceful place,” expressed Dr. Shin during his presentation in Spanish, highlighting mutual understanding in the region as a foundation for world peace. “I would like to conclude my presentation with the expectation that the 38th parallel, symbol of the division in the Korean Peninsula, rapidly becomes a line of peace and hope for the world,” he said.

The moderator was Patricia Pitaluga, president and founder of the Civil Association Acercando Naciones, and Ambassador for Peace, as were all the other panel members.

After the presentations, Gustavo Guillermé, founder and president of the Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue World Congress, was appointed Ambassador for Peace for his contributions toward dialogue and mutual understanding among all areas. The certificate was presented by Dr. Sung Jong Seo, president of FFWPU-Southern Cone and UPF-Subregion 2 of Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Congress, which took place on November 8-9, 2022, had 14 panels with experts and representatives of religious, academic, political and social fields, and the participation of diplomatic delegations certified in Argentina and former presidents of the Region. The panels offered very valuable contributions to Argentina’s and the Region’s agenda, addressing the main themes and issues, with a dialogue, development, common good and peace perspective.

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