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Ambassadors for Peace

UPF-Argentina’s Ambassadors for Peace Develop 2021 Programs

Argentina-2021-04-14-UPF-Argentina’s Ambassadors for Peace Open Their 2021 Activities


Argentina—On April 14, UPF-Argentina’s Ambassadors for Peace meeting formally opened 2021 activities, with 43 online connections. Special guests were Simon Ferabolli, UPF-South America secretary general, who presented the upcoming international activities; and Carlos Varga, UPF-Argentina director, who highlighted the importance of physical and spiritual health during this time. He addressed the need to work together and keep hope so humanity can move forward. On the occasion, he formally presented Miguel Werner as the new president of UPF-Argentina.

Adrián De Angelis, member of the Peace Council and representative of the International Media Association for Peace-Argentina, gave welcoming remarks, while Emanuel Sayavedra, new UPF-Argentina secretary general, gave a review of February’s and March’s activities (1). Also, Ambassador for Peace Esteban Fauret, director of the literary-ecological program “Y volverán a ser árboles,” mentioned the 2021–2022 campaign “Let’s Plant Trees: Let’s Sow Peace,” launched in March, along with UPF, on World Water Day.

We had a presentation of this year’s activities and initiatives, such as the “Leadership and Cooperation” series, which was briefly explained by Christian Oreb, general coordinator of Red Cooperar, who was the emcee along with Patricia Pitaluga, president of Acercando Naciones. David Frol, representative of the Interreligious Association for Peace and Development, announced the launch of a “Interreligious Dialogue and Good Practices” series along with Youth and Students for Peace. Julio Nardini, member of the UPF Peace Council and representative of the International Association of Academicians for Peace, commented on the upcoming 2021 Reading, Reflection and Prayer Sessions “Honoring a Peace Legacy,” to be developed every Monday as of May.

During the meeting, we also formed the regional organization: It comprises AMBA, integrated by the capital city of Buenos Aires and 40 districts of Buenos Aires; and the Northeast, Northwest, Center and Patagonia regions; each one of them comprises between five and six provinces. We also provided application forms for Ambassador for Peace candidates and invited Ambassadors for Peace to the training session “Leadership and Cooperation” on April 24.

At the end, there were brief remarks from representatives of the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace-Argentina: Silvia del Rosario Giacoppo, national senator representing Jujuy; and Humberto Benedetto, Parlasur parliamentarian representing Córdoba. At the beginning, we showed a video review on 2020 activities (2), and we closed the meeting with the musical video “Cada Cual,” UPF-Argentina’s anthem, an artistic production by Ambassador for Peace Luis Guedes (3).


1) Review of February and March UPF Argentina:

2) Video review on 2020 activities:

3) Hymn of reconciliation “Cada Cual,” UPF-Argentina’s Anthem. Lyrics: “Cada Cual,” by Concepción Rodríguez de Garaventa, first prize of the poetry contest organized by UPF-Argentina in 2009, in support of the International Year of Reconciliation. Images of the video: Celebration of the International Day of Peace “Right of peoples to peace,” organized by UPF-Argentina on September 22, 2014 at Buenos Aires’ Spanish Club.

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