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Ambassadors for Peace

UPF-Argentina’s "Peace Legacy" Series Continues

Argentina-2021-05-03-UPF-Argentina’s Highly Anticipated Reading and Reflection Series Continues


Argentina—On May 3, UPF-Argentina opened its 2021 “Honoring a Peace Legacy” series, a reading, reflection and prayer space that began in 2020, the centenary of UPF’s founder, Rev. Sun Myung Moon. The objective:

To learn from the founders’ messages and experiences and from participants’ reflections and experiences. To practice listening and empathy, in this time in which we need to strengthen our spirituality, bonds and unity. To promote a fraternal spirit, in an environment of interreligious, intercultural dialogue. To encourage greater commitments for the common good, from the perspectives of service, family and peace.

The reunion was a moment of emotion. Participants have been waiting for this series, which had 33 sessions during 2020. With 15 participants, we read the purpose of these Zoom meetings occuring on Mondays. Then, each participant could express their feelings on the reunion and the difficult situation humanity is facing.

Every meeting starts with the moderator’s welcome and a brief explanation on the type of reunion it is. Then we read an excerpt of the Peace Messages (Pyeong Hwa Gyeong), which leads to the participants’ reflections. This is an opportunity to express themselves on what has been read or to describe an experience that deepens and extends the topic, which could be useful for everyone. At the end, there is a “reflection of reflections” in the charge of one Ambassador for Peace, who reviews one point from the reading or from what has been shared by the participants.

The meeting ends with a prayer of gratitude for life and what has been shared, for our peace mission, for a special request manifested during the meeting, and so forth. We understand that “prayers constitute a sign of humility, of connecting with our transcendent origin and meaning of life, recognizing that some situations are beyond us, in such challenging times and an age where arrogance made us forget our divine design.”

According to these meetings’ rationale,

We expect this space to be an occasion to learn and rediscover the importance of unity and spirituality; the power of the word and prayer; to practice the act of listening and empathy. This is a moment of inspiration to work from within ourselves, to value, strengthen, and heal our family bonds: filial, fraternal, conjugal, and paternal relationships. We need to center our lives in transcendent, altruistic values, encouraging and helping others, to not be at the mercy of worries and circumstances in times of great confusion, uncertainty and an absolute necessity of good practices and solidarity. For a better quality of life: to find peace in us, connecting our divine essence, with the others and with the creation.

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