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Ambassadors for Peace

“Leadership and Cooperation” Is Theme of UPF-Argentina’s Ambassadors for Peace Program

Argentina-2021-04-24-“Leadership and Cooperation” Is Theme of  UPF-Argentina’s Ambassadors for Peace Program


Argentina—On April 24, UPF-Argentina held an online training session, “Leadership and Cooperation,” for Ambassadors for Peace. There were 35 in attendance. The objectives were as follows: to share the “Leadership and Cooperation” guidelines, to reaffirm the identity and mission of Ambassadors for Peace, and to encourage greater participation and commitment.

The meeting had three sections. In the first one, Raúl Rey, president of UPF-Uruguay, presented “UPF Mission, Vision and Values; Lines of Action and Initiatives” in Argentina (1). After a musical interlude (2), Ambassador for Peace Christian Oreb, general coordinator of Red Cooperar, explained the “Operational Leadership / Organizational Model” (3). Finally, we worked in teams for the third section, “Practical Leadership and Cooperation Challenges,” coordinated by Julio Nardini, representative of the International Association of Academicians for Peace (4).

The meeting was moderated by UPF-Argentina President Miguel Werner and his wife, Alba Luz Tangarife. At the beginning of the meeting, there were brief messages and salutations from Carlos Varga, director of UPF-Argentina, and Simón Ferabolli, secretary general of UPF-South America; and an introductory video on the work and mission of UPF (5).

In this collaborative section, after we provided instructions, Ambassadors for Peace joined one of the three Zoom rooms (committees), according to their interests, to provide their knowledge and experience. Committees were moderated by Luba Opeka, founder of the Akamasoa Advisory Council in Argentina and public relations of UPF-Argentina (Committee A); Humberto Benedetto, MERCOSUR Parliamentarian representing Córdoba, representative of the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace-Argentina (Committee B); and Adrián De Angelis, founder and president of the Argentinian-Parlasur Christian Journalists Union, representative of the International Media Association for Peace-Argentina (Committee C).

Committee A had the goal to “Enunciate three recommendations to achieve peace when confronting the current challenges, which include COVID and the uncertainty of the future (Inner Peace)”; Committee B: “Enunciate three urgent measures to transcend the different divisions our society suffers in order to prevent violence and address poverty (Social Peace)”; and Committee C: “Enunciate three proposals to reverse the process of environmental predation and pollution which will make the planet collapse if there are no changes (Peace with Nature).” After the discussions in each room, we had a plenary meeting to set up proposals, considerations and conclusions through a speaker or reporter (6).

Before the teamwork activity, we showed a video on the Sunhak Peace Prize, a way of promoting leadership that takes responsibility to help resolve suffering, conflict, poverty and environmental threats. The award, which seeks to highlight and support personalities and organizations for their good practices for the sake of humanity and the planet, was instituted by Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, following her husband Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s legacy under the theme “Making the World Better for Future Generations” (7), and the premises of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values.


1) 2021 Training Session “Leadership and Cooperation” – UPF-Argentina 24-4-2021 / Section 1:

Raúl Rey, President of UPF-Uruguay, has a philosophy degree and a Masters in Learning Sciences, and he is a primary school and university teacher.


2) Musical interlude: “Pidamos por la Paz” - Alejandro Anderson Namuch – Peace Road - Buenos Aires 2019:

3) 2021 Training Session “Leadership and Cooperation” – UPF-Argentina 24-4-2021 / Section 2:

Christian Oreb, General Coordinator of Red Cooperar, has a social career declared of Legislative Interested by the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires on 2014, he is 2014 “Golden Lion” by the Buenos Aires’ Lions Club and “2012 Collaborative Neighbor” – Commune N° 11 CABA.


4) 2021 Training Session “Leadership and Cooperation” – UPF-Argentina 24-4-2021 / Section 3:

Julio Nardini, representative of the International Association of Academicians for Peace (IAAP), is a History and Theology Teacher (UCA), former dean and director of middle schools. Intercession Minister of the Word of God Movement. Founding member of the Social Pastoral Committee of Buenos Aires City.


5) UPF’s introductory video:

6) Proposals, considerations and conclusions of Section 3 “Practical Challenges of Leadership and Cooperation:”

7) Video on the Sunhak Peace Prize:

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