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Ambassadors for Peace

Ambassadors for Peace Honored at Embassy Event in Russia

Russia-2020-09-30-New Ambassadors for Peace Honored at Embassy Event

Moscow, Russia—UPF co-sponsored a cultural event at the Embassy of Mauritius at which Ambassador for Peace certificates were bestowed.

The embassy hosted a cultural event of the Amicability international diplomatic club, in partnership with UPF, dedicated to the opening of the exhibition "Diversity of Nature."

The agenda of the September 30, 2020 event was the importance of culture and cultural heritage and environmental preservation within the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The event was opened by H.E. Roy Bissundoyal, minister-counselor of the Republic of Mauritius, who noted the significant role of culture in relations between Mauritius and Russia. He spoke about the need for further cultural cooperation between the two nations, the creation of joint platforms for communication, and the exchange of social and cultural experiences.

An important part of the program was the presentation of Ambassador for Peace certificates by Konstantin Krylov, the UPF vice president for Eurasia. The three recipients were public and political figures, entrepreneurs and businessmen who have contributed to creating a peaceful and bright future.

One of the most famous sayings of UPF founder Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon is "Before you desire to have dominion over the universe, you first must gain dominion over yourself." The new Ambassador for Peace Andrei Antonov professes this approach in his Academy for Modeling the Future, whose participants learn to build harmony within themselves in all aspects of their lives.

Another nominee for the title of Ambassador for Peace was Pyotr Smirnov, who is engaged in establishing communications in the business environment and was a confidant in the election of the mayor of Moscow.

Ambassador for Peace Alexander Shapiro-Suliman said that after we have built peace within ourselves, it is possible to resolve political issues as public and political figures and peacemakers. Mr. Shapiro-Suliman, who also offered the welcoming address, has devoted several decades to developing diplomatic relations between Azerbaijan and Israel. He announced that he was about to leave for Nagorno-Karabakh to promote an early settlement of the recently ignited conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Sergei Dvoryanov, president of the Amicability international diplomatic club, inspired the participants with his speech as he emphasized the special cultural code of Russia as a country that has always striven to unite and enrich the cultural values of different peoples of the world.

The event ended with a cultural program. A fascinating performance was presented by the Bashkir national cultural group Ak-Tirma. American rock musician and composer Alex Karlin embodied both aspects of the meeting’s agenda—the importance of culture and environmental preservation—in his performance. Mr. Karlin is in the Guinness World Records for the longest solo concert, playing 32 hours of music without a break.

Indeed, culture and ecology are two spheres that can bring representatives of different types of activity together, as evidenced by this event.

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