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Ambassadors for Peace

UPF-Peru Continues to Serve the Community in Quarantine

Peru-2020-04-01-UPF-Peru Continues to Serve the Community in Quarantine

Lima, Peru—UPF-Peru’s Ambassadors for Peace found creative avenues of service during the April Covid-19 quarantine. Following are some of their activities.

UPF Ambassador for Peace Mrs. Rosario Tanaka continues to give free workshops to vulnerable people through the internet. She conducts fabric painting workshops on making bags and polo shirts aimed at people with disabilities, children from dysfunctional homes, the elderly and single mothers. They then have created products to sell in their communities to help them pay for food and other necessities.

Ambassador for Peace psychologist Dr. Belisario Zanabria Moreno, past National Dean of the College of Psychologists of Peru, is actively collaborating and participating in conjunction with the Municipality of Jauja and Civil Defense, distributing food aid and blankets to the most vulnerable populations and in need now due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Ambassador for Peace Yetre Sotil Farias continues her work as a confectioner promoting a “Sweets for Peru” campaign and virtual workshops that aim to share something with our heroes such as the police, military, doctors, cleaning personnel, and so forth, so that they know that they are not alone, that citizens value their work to take care of the health and safety of all Peruvians.

Ambassador for Peace Dr Jorge Luis Lopez distributes food every day in the center of Lima to those most in need. He organizes the distribution of lunches to an average of 150 people every day from 1.00pm in the Plaza San Martín.

Peru’s Ambassadors for Peace supported the “UPF Webinar 'Peace Talks” organized by Dr. Walsh and the UPF International team.

We are currently sharing speeches from the 2020 Summit through our WhatsApp group of 150 Ambassadors for Peace and our gmail database of over 400 Ambassadors for Peace.

UPF-Peru’s Facebook page reached 3,500 people this month.

Dr Antero Flores Araoz, former president of Congress and president of the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP)-Peru, publishes articles about the current situation in Peru every week, and we share his words directly with our Ambassadors for Peace.

In the first week of May we launched a new version of our weekly radio program, interviewing guests through Zoom. Then we publish the results on our Facebook page and our YouTube site every Tuesday: click here.

We have been holding Zoom meetings with the UPF-Peru Peace Council. This week we were joined by Regional UPF President Dr. Dong Mo Shin and Regional Secretary General Dr. Simon Ferabolli. A number of our guests from Summit 2020 also attended. We discussed proposals and plans for the revitalization of IAPP and the International Religious Association for Peace and Development in Peru, as well as the preparations for the launching of the International Media Association for Peace, the International Association for Peace and Economic Development, and the International Association of Academicians for Peace

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