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Ambassadors for Peace

UPF-Peru Activities in March 2020

Peru-2020-03-01-UPF-Peru Activities in March 2020

Lima, Peru—Former congressman Luis Yika met with some of our Ambassadors for Peace to share with them his reflections on his participation in Summit 2020. He was very inspired by his experience and wrote this reflection to me later:

Dear Dr Trevor,

I appreciate the opportunity to consider me in these important events, especially the WORLD SUMMIT 2020; where activities of great magnitude and worldwide repercussion have been developed. It is commendable to recognize the great response from global representatives and the brilliant organization, especially the participation of the youth (YSP), who have shown respect for the delegates, warmly greeting us with courtesy and showing the implementation of values which are being lost at all levels.

Likewise, the messages of the speakers in response to the worldwide problems such as: to have work discipline, to fight against corruption, to contribute to human development, to build love-happiness-care, to live for the sake of others, to emphasize the importance of climate change; the world is running out of air, we are in a climate emergency. In conclusion, we are on the way to a silent end of humanity.

That is why I extend my congratulations to the representatives worldwide, to Mother Moon, and all UPF leaders, for that common goal of seeking peace, the integration of families, rescuing values and strengthening the home, environmental advocacy and to restore humanity.

As a former parliamentarian of my country, I have been able to see that we still have a long way to go to work worldwide, taking into account the following aspects:

-Currently, there is no organization that limits armamentism.

-North Korea and other countries threaten with nuclear war.

-There is no uniformity in the protection of the environment.

-There is not a permanent coordination of diplomatic issues.

-There are no forceful plans to minimize citizen insecurity.

-There is not an economic development plan in underdeveloped countries, motivating poverty and extreme poverty.

All things considered, UPF is aimed to contribute to the development of peoples, to ensure the protection of children who are the future of each country; to lead the youth in this fight and to seize the wisdom of the elderly.

I am willing to contribute to minimize all negative factors and thus give thanks for peace—all for peace—and toward peace.


Luis Alberto Yika García

UPF’s weekly radio program continued to reach a wide audience. We interviewed some of our Summit guests in the first week of March. In the following week Dr. Renán Horna, general director of the Institute of Communication and Human Development, gave an interesting talk about health. The video of his presentation was viewed by 1,300 people on our Facebook page. A total of 4,382 people visited the page in March.

The Ambassadors for Peace in Peru believe strongly in the principle of "living for the sake of others." Even though a lockdown started in Peru this month, some began organizing activities of solidarity to aid low-income families, bringing them fresh food and other necessities. The families who live in the hills of the Villa Maria del Triunfo District, people who do not receive a fixed salary from the state, were visited by our Ambassador for Peace Rev. Victor Calderón Rodríguez, with a group of volunteers, taking bags of food to them. The funds for this work were donated by other Ambassadors for Peace.

Other Ambassadors for Peace have also responded to the challenge, working in different districts of Lima to bring aid to those most in need. Ambassador for Peace Mrs. Maria Rosario Tanaka Lazo, vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce of the district of Jesús María, continues our social projects through workshops by Messenger Video transmission on fabric painting to a hostel for young girls from dysfunctional homes.

Recently elected Congressman Orestes Sanchez (past president of UPF-Peru) is also working hard to help the poor people in Lima.

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