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Ambassadors for Peace

Peace Framework Monument Unveiled in Argentina

Argentina-2018-07-21-Peace Framework Monument Unveiled in Argentina

Lincoln, Argentina—On July 21, 2018, a Peace Framework monument (1) was unveiled by its creator, Ambassador for Peace Gaetano Brancati Luigi. The event was held in the city of Lincoln, Argentina, named after Abraham Lincoln. The monument, set up in the Domingo Faustino Sarmiento Square, was given by the Enrique Urcola Museum. It received support from the Lincoln Municipality, the Trade Association of Sao Paulo (Brazil), intermediate institutions, and neighbors under the theme “Let’s give Lincoln City a peace monument.” The message was to achieve peace by working together.

During the event, some representatives gave a few words. They included Lincoln’s mayor, Dr. Salvador Serenal; Amanda Urcola, director of the Enrique Urcola Museum; and Miguel Werner, secretary general of UPF-Argentina and promoter of this Peace Framework monument because it is considered a symbol of universal friendship and solidarity that seeks to inspire people of goodwill, transcending cultures, religions, ethnicities, and nationalities under the theme “United for Peace: Serving With Love” (2). Amanda Urcola, prime mover of the Peace Framework monument, declared, “Our commitment as a city is essential in order to understand the Preamble to the Constitution of UNESCO (1945): ‘Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed.’ We need to make efforts and commit to inspire the concept of peace in the following generations—not only with words, but with actions. This is the only way to achieve, step by step, a more humane world.”

The authorities put in a box a time capsule that contains photographs and writings n a plaque that reads, “To be revealed in the 250th anniversary of Lincoln’s foundation.” (3). Since the city has celebrated its 153rd anniversary on July 19, this time capsule will be opened in less than 100 years.

The ceremony began with the national anthem, followed by a dance performance in the charge of dance teacher Micaela Enrique and her team. Then, the local authorities rang the Peace Framework bell. We also watered an olive tree that had been planted near the monument and had been declared of “municipal public interest related to culture and education” by Lincoln’s City Council through Order 2203/15 on April 6, 2015.


1) The Peace Framework is an arch that has a bell at the top with two folded hands that symbolize a dove. This monument has been set up in different public spaces (squares, parks, etc.) in various countries since the Year 2000 as a symbol of peaceful coexistence among communities and peoples. It is important to place these monuments in public spaces because they represent painful historic events.

The Peace Framework monument has been set up in cities in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Uruguay, and China, and they are being planned for many other countries. The creator of this monument is the Italian Ambassador for Peace Gaetano Brancati Luigi, who migrated to South America with his family in 1949 when he was 12 years old. After living in Argentina for two decades, he moved to Brazil, where he lives with his family in Sao Paulo.

For more information on the Peace Framework’s history, please check the following website:

2) News stories:

Lincoln ya tiene su Marco de Paz:

Se inauguró el Marco de Paz en Plaza Sarmiento:

3) Time capsule

The time capsule contains information on the origin of the Peace Framework, the reason it was set up in Lincoln, pictures of its building, photographs of current Lincoln, and a list of those who supported and contributed to its setup.

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