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Ambassadors for Peace

Argentina Welcomes New Ambassadors for Peace

Argentina-2016-09-14-Argentina Welcomes New Ambassadors for Peace


Buenos Aires, Argentina—Eight new Ambassadors for Peace were appointed by UPF-Argentina at the Libertador San Martín Library in Lanús, a city located just south of Buenos Aires in Buenos Aires province, on September 14, 2016.  Pastor Rubén Contreras, an Ambassador for Peace who was recognized at the inauguration of UPF in Argentina in 2005, gave the opening remarks in which he expressed his gratitude to UPF for holding the event in Lanús, which currently has a high level of violence.

Mr. Carlos Varga, director of UPF-Argentina, talked about the life and teachings of UPF Founders Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon. He expressed, “Jesus had a very difficult life.”

Then, Mr. Varga referred to the divine command of Genesis 1:28, which includes the three blessings: be fruitful and mature as individuals who achieve inner peace; start a family in the image of God (Genesis 1:27), expanding love bonds towards others; and love the creation. He said, “Family includes three generations…, it includes the grandparents… in our family we need to find God.”

At the end, Mr. Varga emphasized love and forgiveness, where “God appears, Jesus appears, the Holy Spirit appears…Being an Ambassador for Peace has to do with expanding those values.”

Among those who were recognized were pastors, professionals, and two couples. The new Ambassadors for Peace are Manuel Bireni and Liliana Mabel Toneguzzo, Néstor Rubén Sayago and Antonia Lovato, Ramón Doroteo Mascaró, Zulema Del Rosario Aquino, Juan Manuel Asprea, and Diego Maximiliano Cusano. Each awardee shared a few words after receiving the Ambassador for Peace certificate: some expressed gratitude, while others reflected on the significance of and affirmed their commitment to serve as Ambassadors for Peace. Afterwards, Mrs. Alba Rosa Contardo, a member of UPF’s Global Council, and Mr. Eduardo Corales, from UPF- Argentina’s Peace Council, spoke.

At the end of the program, three Japanese volunteers who have served in Argentina for a period of time sang “Furusato” (“Hometown”) and “One Family Under God.” 


Content of the Ambassador for Peace certificate:

(*) “The Universal Peace Federation (UPF) recognizes Ambassadors for Peace as people whose lives represent the ideal of living for the sake of others; people who work to promote moral and universal values. They are individuals who promote a solid family life, interreligious cooperation, international harmony, the renewal of the United Nations and media and the establishment of a peace culture.

Overcoming racial, national, and religious boundaries, Ambassadors for Peace contribute to the realization of the hope of all ages: A unified world of peace, where the spiritual and physical dimensions of life are in harmony.

The Universal Peace Federation is proud to recognize … as Ambassador for Peace.”

Signed by Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han, UPF Founders

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