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Ambassadors for Peace

40th Anniversary Celebration Organized by UPF-Brazil

BRAZIL-2015-11-21-40th Anniversary Celebration

São Paulo, Brazil—UPF-Brazil organized an event to celebrate the 40th annivesary of the Unification Movement in Brazil on November 21, 2015. The one-day celebration was held at the Sorocaba Convention Center. Among the more than 200 attendees were leaders who helped build the Unification Movement in Brazil and VIPs, including the vice president of the legislative assembly of Sao Paulo state and a Brazilian Olympic gold medalist.

The event began with a prayer, offered by Pastor Cesar Zaduski.

UPF-Brazil president, Dr. Simao Ferabolli, who served as emcee, welcomed all the participants and explained the vision of the founders of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU), Rev. Sun Myung Moon and his wife, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, and the work of FFWPU and UPF, which was also founded by Rev. and Mrs. Moon.

A video introducing UPF’s work was then shown.

Afterwards, Mr. Koichi Sasaki, president of FFWPU, spoke about the commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Unification Movement in Brazil.

Next, Rev. Peter Haider, president of UPF-Austria, spoke about the work of UPF in Europe, especially the activities he is coordinating with the United Nations in Vienna, Austria.

Rev. Dong Mo Shin, regional director of UPF-South America, spoke about the importance of people working together to implement a culture of peace and emphasized that peace begins within each one of us and expands to our families, the society, the nation, and the world.

Ambassadors for Peace, São Paulo state congresswoman, Mrs. Maria Lucia Amary, who was representing the governor of São Paulo state, Mr. Geraldo Alkmin, and Mrs. Rose Lucia Amary, congratulated the Unification Movement of Brazil on its 40th anniversary and shared their experiences with UPF and Rev. and Mrs. Moon, and how they became Ambassadors for Peace. They said they feel greater responsibility now to accomplish the goal of a peaceful society.

Dr. Chang Sik Yang of FFWPU gave the main presentation on UPF's activities to promote peace and cooperation between peoples and between religious and political leaders.

Then dinner was served and five New Ambassadors for Peace were appointed: (1) Dr. Pedro Menin, a former judge of the São Paulo Court of Justice, and his wife; (2) Dr. Pricila Menin, president of the women's Republican Brazilian Party of São Paulo; (3) Dr. Fernando Pinto Silva, a chief of police; (4) Brazilian athlete and Olympic gold medalist, Mrs. Maurren Maggi; and (4) Mr.  José Passaro, a youth leader.

At the end of the event, all the guests received a special issue of Mundo Unificado magazine commemorating the 40th anniversary.


Leaders who helped build the Unification Movement in Brazil: the first Korean Unification Church missionary, Rev. Hyung Tae Kim, and his wife, Jung Hee Han; Rev. Dong Mo Shin and his wife, Keiko Haga; Rev. Heung Tae Kim; Rev. Hideo Oyamada; Rev. Peter Haider and his wife, Dominique; Rev. Christian Lepelletier; former director of CENE and the Jardim Project, Rev. Myung Ki Shin; international president of CARP (College Association of Research and Principles), In Soung Kwun; and Koichi Sasaki.


  1. Cesar Romao, journalist, author and international speaker, who is also an Ambassador for Peace
  2. Maria Lucia Amary, congresswoman and the first vice president of the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo State; who is also an Ambassador for Peace
  3. Delegate Rose, former congresswoman who created the first police station for women in São Paulo; who is also an Ambassador for Peace
  4. Maurren Maggi, athlete and Olympic gold medalist (Beijing Olympics 2008) athlete in Beijing in 2008
  5. Márcio Matsumoto, legal director of the Palmeiras Sport Club
  6. José Resende, entrepreneur and Ambassador for Peace
  7. Valdecir de Oliveira, entrepreneur and owner of ASSENCO and professor of engineering at FACEMS
  8. Celso Resende, entrepreneur and vice president of FENIX
  9. Roberto Cicivizzo Jr., deputy general counsel of the Paulista Federation of Football
  10. Salome Masuko, consulate general of South Africa in São Paulo
  11. Mogano, political consul at the consulate of South Africa in São Paulo
  12. Oscar Soberanes Benites, consulate general of Mexico in São Paulo
  13. Eric Martin and Veronica Barahona, consul general of Ecuador's consulate general in São Paulo
  14. Manoel Viais, mayor of Caracol city in Mato Grosso do Sul State
  15. Dr. Reinaldo Correa, chief of police and Ambassador for Peace
  16. José Carlos Barbosa Jr., journalist at TVR
  17. Evaristo Fernandes, president of UPF-Paraguay 

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