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Ambassadors for Peace

In Memoriam: Fouad El-Turk

Lebanese Ambassador for Peace H.E. Fouad El-Turk died, at age 80, of a stroke in the early hours of July 17. Ambassador Turk was a pivotal figure in Lebanese diplomacy and an honest leader in advocating politics and policy making in the true interest of the nation. He served as the general director of the foreign ministry at a time when Lebanon did not have a foreign minister. He was ambassador to the United Nations and countries in Europe, Africa, and Latin America.

From his retirement on, Fouad El-Turk engaged in promoting ethical conduct and served as founder and head of the Cercle des Ambassadeurs au Liban, the organization of all retired Lebanese ambassadors. He was editor of La Revue Diplomatique, the journal of the Cercle. A prolific writer, Ambassador Turk published numerous books covering issues of politics, diplomacy, economy, civilization, and religious and spiritual identity. He was a sought-after speaker and conferencier.

On behalf of the great heritage of interfaith coexistence in Lebanon, Ambassador Turk attended a global event in 1996 in the building of what is today the Universal Peace Federation. He served as a member of the Global Peace Council and spoke as Lebanon's representative in the June 2006 Global Peace Tour event in Beirut where he welcomed UPF International co-founder Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon to Lebanon. He participated in a range of local and international events of UPF and was honored twice by UPF-Lebanon for his work.

Ambassador Turk was always willing to provide insights as a highly trusted and reliable adviser to our network of Ambassadors for Peace. He readily offered his great understanding of the complex relations in the Middle East and in the country. At the core of our memories, his love for Lebanon was unsurpassed and he was an amazing friend and elder brother to all of us in UPF-Lebanon.

Ambassador Turk joins in our memories with our respected and beloved Lebanese peace ambassadors, Sheikh Mohammed Kanaan and Mrs. Fatwa El-Masri who passed away in recent years.

On behalf of UPF-Lebanon, I share this sad news with you in the consoling knowledge that the legacies of Fouad El-Turk and all who invest their lives for the sake of God's peace in the Middle East and around the world will forever remain an inspiration for peace builders of all ages and nationalities in the growing community of those who will not tire until the vision of the global era of peace will come to fruition.

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