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Ambassadors for Peace

Honoring a Legacy of Peace in Beirut

Lebanon-2010-12-17-Honoring a Legacy of Peace in Beirut

Beirut, Lebanon - A distinguished and attentive gathering honored Lebanon's legacy of peace on December 17. Mr. Thomas Schellen, Secretary General of UPF-Lebanon, introduced the Legacy of Peace tradition that is based on the teaching of UPF founder, Dr. Sun Myung Moon. His presentation included quotes from notable Lebanese patriots whose lives were expressions of the search for national and regional peace.

"There can be no country or dignity without unity of the people, and there can be no unity without agreement, and there can be no agreement without conciliation, and there can be no conciliation without forgiveness and compromise."
René Moawad, Maronite Christian President of Lebanon, assassinated in 1989

"Reaching unity requires precise studies and investigation, determining and appointing responsibilities and coordinating the efforts among all Arabs and Muslims. It also requires the mobilizing of all Arabic countries and those who are conscientious and have a good will worldwide."
Mūsá aṣ-Ṣadr, Shi'a religious leader, vanished in 1978

“Religions and spiritual beliefs are in essence purification practices that aim at the development of the human self from the traces of selfishness that occupies the individual, social, and national organism.”
Kamal Jumblatt, Druze political leader, assassinated in 1977

"In the name of God we, Muslims and Christians, pledge that united we shall remain to the end of time to better defend our Lebanon."
Gebran Ghassan Tueni, Greek Orthodox Christian member of parliament, assassinated in 2005

H.E. Nabil de Freige, MP, spoke on behalf of the family of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, a Sunni Muslim who was slain in an assassination in 2005 together with other government officials, aides, and bystanders.

H.E. Mohammed Nashashibi, former Palestinian Minister of Finance, commemorated the victims in the 1982 Sabra and Shatila refugee camp massacres and hailed the Palestinian people’s longing for peace.

Mr. Nabhan Haddad honored the memory and sacrifice of H.E. Rachid Karami, who was Prime Minister of Lebanon eight times. He was popularly known as a man for all crises because Lebanon's Maronite Christian presidents turned to him, a Sunni Muslim, in times of major national strife or political upheaval. A lawyer for the Karami family, Mr. Haddad was asked to represent the family on the occasion.

Druze Sheikh Salman Masri paid tribute to his late wife, Ambassador for Peace Fatwa Masri.

Sheikh Majed Hamdan spoke in memory of Sheikh Mohammed Fadlallah, a Twelver Shi'a authority, on behalf of the Fadlallah family. He is Head of the Office of the Sheikh Mohammed Fadlallah Institute for South Lebanon.

Miss Natascha In Ge Sharon Schellen, Lebanon Youth Ambassador for Peace, read an excerpt from As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen, the autobiography of UPF Founder Dr. Sun Myung Moon: "Please consider for a moment what you can do to show that you lived a life of value. The possessions and social position you have accumulated during your life will pass away from you. Once you cross the river of death, such things will have no meaning. Because we were born in love and lived our lives in love, love is also the only thing that remains with us when we are in our graves.  We receive our lives in love, live by sharing love, and return into the midst of love. It is important that we live in a way that we can leave a legacy of love behind us."

Ambassadors, former members of parliament, mayors, clerics, military officers, and university presidents attend the ceremony. The Secretary General of UPF-Middle East, Mr. David Fraser Harris, gave a report about UPF's peace initiatives. Lebanese songs by entertainer Pamela rounded off the evening.

It was truly great to witness this historic gathering of people representing all of Lebanon, from north to south, across the boundaries of culture, religion and politics, honoring those great Lebanese leaders.

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