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Ambassadors for Peace

UPF-Argentina Appoints Ambassadors for Peace in Two Events

Argentina-2022-09-14-UPF-Argentina Appoints 11 Ambassadors for Peace in Two Events


Buenos Aires, Argentina—Nine Ambassadors for Peace were appointed at the monthly Ambassadors for Peace meeting on September 14, 2022, at the International MOA Auditorium in Buenos Aires City (1). The following day, two more appointments took place during the 12th Ibero-American Congress organized by the Interdisciplinary Center of Cultural Studies (CIDEC) Argentina, at Scala Hotel Buenos Aires (2).

Ambassadors for Peace Meeting at International MOA Auditorium

At the International MOA Auditorium in Buenos Aires City, the following people were appointed as Ambassadors for Peace: three-time world champion in female paddle, Cecilia Baccigalupo, president of Baccigalupo Foundation; creator of overall wellbeing workshops, Mario Beneduce, art coordinator of MOA International; social operator of Buenos Aires City’s youth criminal justice circuit, María Ofelia Botusansky, cultural director of Acercando Naciones; undergraduate in Business Administration and financial advisor, Damián Pablo Donnelly, president of Espartanos Foundation; national associate director of Communications and Public Affairs in Argentina of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Liliana Virginia Escala, coordinator of Ladies in Interreligious Dialogue; human rights educator María Emilia Gallegos, executive director of Youth for Human Rights Argentina and Uruguay; journalist and yoga professor Angélica Cristina García, director of the social and cultural group “Voces de mi Tierra”; Dr. Estela Lanzetti Bemberg, president of the Argentinian Charity Ladies Confederation; and SME entrepreneur in the national and international area of transport and logistics, Gabriel Ruocco, host of the program “Las últimas dos” in Radio Continental.

They were recommended by Ambassador for Peace Alicia Berini, writer and consultant; Jorge Tuero, general director of Acercando Naciones; Luba Opeka, from Akamasoa Foundation Argentina; Alba Luz Tangarife, from UPF-Argentina’s Administrative Council; Adrián De Angelis, founder and journalist of the Argentina and Mercosur Christian Journalists Union (UPCAM); Patricia Pitaluga, president of Civil Association Acercando Naciones; and Inderveer Kaur, volunteer in the Sikh Dharma Community in Argentina.

At this event, certificates were also given to Emiliano Corales, Sun Jin De Brito and Patricia Seput, who had been named Ambassadors for Peace during a virtual meeting in December 2020.

The certificates were presented by UPF-Argentina director, Carlos Varga, and his wife Laura Correa; president of the Civil Association for Universal Peace, UPF-Argentina, Miguel Werner, with his wife Alba Luz Tangarife; and Julio Nardini, member of UPF’s Local and Global Peace Council and Argentinian representative of IAAP, and his wife Rosa María Holgado.

Welcoming remarks as host were given by Sergio Nogués, Argentinian president of MOA International, a Japanese entity whose “objective is to create a better society, founded upon the principles of truth, virtue and beauty,” inspired by the Japanese thinker, artist and philosopher Mokichi Okada (1882-1955). Also welcoming the new Ambassadors for Peace, representing UPF-Argentina Peace Council, was Ambassador for Peace Dr. Jorge Tuero, representative of IAED-Argentina. In his brief speech, he commented on the double meaning of the distinction: a reward for the valuable work they develop and the commitment it takes, using the metaphor of the flower, which carries beauty, but also thorns.

At the beginning, a UPF introductory video (3) was shown. There was also an musical number by singer Diego Desanzo, who encouraged the audience to clap along with the music. He was given a certificate of appreciation “in gratitude for his predisposition and service vocation, providing his voice and talent, with enthusiasm and passion, inspiring and enlivening different meetings on different stages.”

At the conclusion, the Peace Road and UPF flags were given to the new Ambassador for Peace Cecilia Baccigalupo, who, along with Ambassador for Peace and solidary ultra-marathonist Sebastián Armenault, are godparents of 2022 Peace Road Argentina. The Peace Road flag was also given to Ambassadors for Peace Luba Opeka, public relations for UPF-Argentina and Peace Road, and Luciana Zambrano, public relations for Peace Road.

The Universal Peace Flag was given to Ambassador for Peace Susana Etcheverri, journalist and radio host, director of ADN Productions. This is the flag widespread by the “Pacis Nuntii” (“Peace Messengers”) Movement, which promotes the values of the youth water expedition that in 1985 united Brazil and Argentina: “Peace, Love and Brotherhood.”

Words of gratitude were given by the emcees, Luba Opeka, public relations for UPF-Argentina, and Emanuel Sayavedra, secretary general UPF-Argentina and president of YSP-Argentina.

Appointments at 12th CIDEC-Argentina’s Ibero-American Congress

During the 12th CIDEC-Argentina’s Ibero-American Congress, on September 15, 2022 at Scala Hotel Buenos Aires, the following Ambassadors for Peace were appointed: public and institutional relations undergraduate Deborah Prósperi, academic coordinator of CIDEC-Argentina and the Public Relations Division of the Argentinian Army’s Ceremonial Department; and university undergraduate in ceremonial, shared cultures and event organization Cristian Pare, operational coordinator of CIDEC-Argentina and solidary ceremonialist. They were recommended by Ambassador for Peace Aníbal Gotelli, president of CIDEC-Argentina.

Ambassador for Peace certificates were presented by Miguel Werner, president of UPF-Argentina. Aníbal Gotelli, president of CIDEC-Argentina, was given the Peace Road flag and t-shirt along with Luba Opeka, IAAP-Argentina representative Julio Nardini, and Alba Luz Tangarife, from UPF-Argentina’s Administrative Council.

An introductory video of UPF (4) was shown. UPF celebrated its 17th anniversary on September 12, having developed initiatives and activities in more than 150 countries from all regions, with representatives in all areas, under the premises of “Interdependence, Mutual Prosperity and Universal Values.”

It is worth remembering that the initiative of nominating and recognizing representatives of different areas of society as Ambassadors for Peace was the inspiration of UPF Founders, Rev. Sun Myung Moon and his wife, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, more than 20 years ago. Back then it was through the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace, which became an imperative of the new millennium with the intensification of local and global issues.

Ambassadors for Peace is one of UPF’s most emblematic initiatives, through which it seeks to raise greater leadership participation, commitment and cooperation to multiply actions for common good and peaceful coexistence. This is a call to be protagonists of the change we want to see in society and the world against the great crises affecting humanity and the planet, promoting a leadership of universal values, good practices and cooperation.


1) Photos of appointment of Ambassadors for Peace at MOA International Auditorium 14/9/2022:

2) Photos of appointment during 12th CIDEC-Argentina’s Ibero-American Congress 15/9/2022:

3) and 4) UPF introductory video:

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