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Ambassadors for Peace

UPF-Argentina Appoints New Ambassadors for Peace

Argentina-2022-08-10-UPF-Argentina Appoints 11 New Ambassadors for Peace


Buenos Aires City, Argentina—UPF-Argentina appointed 11 new Ambassadors for Peace during the monthly meeting held on August 10, 2022, at the Spanish Societies Federation’s auditorium (Buenos Aires City), with more than a hundred participants.

The appointees, from a variety of fields including art and culture, media, spirituality and service, manifested their gratitude for the recognition and renewed their commitment to values and good practices in which they are involved: María Laura Arnejo, Gustavo Manuel Asenzo, Benito Blanco Álvarez and his wife Mariana Vicat Machado, Eduardo Alberto Carcavallo, Andrea Fernández Bevans, Gabriela Cecilia Goldar Davison, Alicia Antonia Muñoz, Nélida Liliana Prado, María Rosa Regolo, and Johanna Celeste Rodríguez. It was a warm moment with relatives and friends and the Ambassadors for Peace who nominated them: Aníbal Gotelli, Omar González, Patricia Pitaluga, Julio Nardini, Rosetta Conti, Inderveer Kaur, Norma Pompilio, Adrián De Angelis, and Faiza Yahia.

Welcoming remarks were given by host Benito Blanco Álvarez, president of the Spanish Societies Federation and new Ambassador for Peace. The mood was enlivened by María Ofelia Botusanky, social worker and professional tango singer and singing-therapist at Buenos Aires City Government’s juvenile criminal circuit. She beautifully performed “Honrar la Vida,” by Eladia Blázquez, and “Piensa en Mí,” by Paz Martínez.

Next, a video review was shown on the Universal Peace Federation (UPF), which has created initiatives and projects in more than 150 countries for 17 years since its foundation. It is currently in a new development stage, to enhance its peace mission by empowering leaders with values and good practices through joint work with its different leadership areas (2).

A message of congratulations was offered to the new Ambassadors for Peace by Julio Nardini, member of the Local and Global UPF Peace Council and representative of the International Association of Academicians for Peace (IAAP) in Argentina (3). He gave certificates to the new Ambassadors for Peace along with UPF-Argentina President Miguel Werner and his wife Alba Luz Tangarife. In addition to the framed certificate, each one received a UPF pin from the person who nominated them, and the Leadership and Cooperation manual from the UPF-Argentina 2022 Series (4).

After the appointments, IMAP-Argentina representative Adrián De Angelis and IAPD-Argentina representative Inderveer Kaur announced, respectively, the IMAP/UPF-Argentina 2022 Series of interviews of dignitaries (5), and the 2022 Second “Interreligious Dialogue and Good Practices” Discussion Series by IAPD/UPF/YSP-Argentina, this year with worship officials from different regions in the country (6).

We ended the event with music and dances, with Ambassador for Peace Makenna Zambonini, creator of the artistic-solidary initiative “Music Nights for Peace,” and Israel Voci, who sang “Bendita tu Luz,” by Maná; “Color Esperanza,” by Diego Torres; and “Celebra la vida,” by Axel (7).

The emcees, journalist Luba Opeka, public relations for UPF-Argentina, and Professor Emanuel Sayavedra, secretary general of UPF-Argentina, recalled that the initiative of nominating and recognizing representatives of different fields of society as Ambassadors for Peace goes back 20 years, first through the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace, which became an imperative in the new millennium due to the deepening of local and global issues. It is one of UPF’s most emblematic projects, through which it seeks to create more participation, commitment and cooperation from leadership to multiply actions for common good and peaceful coexistence. It is a call to be protagonists of the change we wish to see in society and the world in light of the great crises that affect humanity and the planet, promoting a leadership centered on universal values and good practices.


New Ambassadors for Peace:

María Laura Arnejo

Ceremonial official at National Senate. General director of CIDEC Argentina. In 2005 was given at the National Senate one of the “Women of the Decade” awards for her professional experience and humanitarian work. Recently, she has dedicated herself to study and research on integration and inclusion for people with disabilities.

Message after appointment:

Gustavo Manuel Asenzo

Logistical volunteer at All Boys Solidario. Eucharist minister, dedicated to daily peacebuilding, many times visiting sick people to give them communion and listening and talking to them. He has worked for more than 10 years as a volunteer firefighter, being recognized for his dedication and service.

Message after appointment:

Benito Blanco Álvarez

President of the Spanish Societies Federation. Life member of the Spanish Club and Lalín Center. Widely recognized for his business background and his contribution to Spanish culture, working to strengthen bonds between Spain and Argentina, being a bridge between emigrants and their homeland.

Mariana Vicat Machado

President of the Culture Commission at Club Español. Her work has always been linked to educational and cultural promotion themes. She studied literature, journalism, graphic design, drawing and painting, photography, marketing, history… She wrote 25 books and prefaced hundreds as an editor. She considers “peace is the foundation of a happy human development.”

Message after appointment:

Eduardo Alberto Carcavallo

Professor at Universidad del Museo Social Argentino and in the Master in Organizations Consulting and Management. His commitment to peace is noticeable from his vocation and activities promoting people, the community and the protection of the environment. He contributed to harmony between different production-related areas.

Message after appointment:

Andrea Fernández Bevans

Assistant Director of Communication and Public Affairs in Buenos Aires region of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints community. With a solid faith forged after a lot of hardship, she helps and cheers others move forward and overcome challenges. Married, mother of three children.

Message after appointment:

Gabriela Cecilia Goldar Davison

Since 2019 represents Sirve Ahora in South America (Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay), internationally known as JustServe, a free platform that helps community organizations find volunteers for their projects, empowering volunteers by building unity in the community.

Message after appointment:

Alicia Antonia Muñoz

Instrumental in integrating the Latin American Poets Meeting, International Literary Group Mosaics and Literature – Art in Movement of Guainy. Writer, poet, producer and host of the radio program “Albores de poesía, arte, música y algo más.” She seeks to go out of her comfort zone to engage with vulnerable, forgotten human beings.

Message after appointment:

Nélida Liliana Prado

Culture coordinator and cultural manager of the Interdisciplinary Center of Cultural Studies – CIDEC Argentina. Executive coordinator of Solidary Ceremonial Workers, which seeks to highlight the human values of a ceremonialist working to benefit others in different solidary meetings.

Message after appointment:

María Rosa Regolo

Director and content producer of Almacén Producciones. Radio and TV communicator committed to giving good, positive messages, with values that “allow us to grow and embrace ideals of union and fraternity,” in light of a reality that requires “more threads to help build the social fabric.”

Message after appointment:

Johanna Celeste Rodríguez

Undergraduate in psychology and psychopedagogy, CAECE University. Career chosen as service vocation, seeking to provide solutions to those in mentally or spiritually vulnerable situations, and to collaborate to bring about social inclusion with the opportunity of personal progress.

Message after appointment:


1) Photos of the meeting and appointment of new Ambassadors for Peace 10-8-2022:

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7) Makenna Zambonini and Israel Voci

Bendita tu Luz,” by group Maná:

Color Esperanza,” by Diego Torres:

Celebra la Vida,” by Axel:

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