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Ambassadors for Peace

IMAP/UPF-Argentina 2022 Interview Series: “Overcoming Is Winning”

Argentina-2022-08-11-IMAP/UPF-Argentina 2022 Interview Series: “Overcoming Is Winning”


Argentina—“Overcoming Is Winning” was the title of the interview with solidary ultra-marathoner Sebastián Armenault (1), during the IMAP/UPF-Argentina 2022 Interview Series, on August 11, 2022, through UPF-Argentina’s YouTube channel (2).

The interview was with a knowledgeable Ambassador for Peace about a topic that is his lifetime theme and the title of his book. It was hosted by journalist Adrián De Angelis, IMAP-Argentina representative, together with his colleagues Mirta Von Sädemann and Matías Sayavedra, with the participation of Miguel Werner, president of UPF-Argentina.

Armenault is a former rugby player and trainer, and has for many years been participating in the most extreme marathons in the world, hundreds of kilometers, in the seven continents. He is a pioneer in running and, by recruiting corporate sponsors to donate according to the number of kilometers he runs, the money earned is then given to needy entities, hospitals, nursing homes, soup kitchens and schools.

He considers that those who win a race achieve their goals, but being in first place is not winning. He feels he is the champion of the world, even if he finishes in last place. That is why his medals are the amount of donations he achieves. His goals: to help those in need. In 2011, he created the solidary project SA18 with a slogan he shares across the world: “With effort, joy, respect, passion and humbleness, there is no unattainable goal or dream.”

Armenault understands that it is important to find purpose in life, to consider goals and to enjoy our journey. This is what he applies in every new goal and what he teaches in every talk, conference, in every global competition, where he motivates people to overcome physical and mental barriers.

The interview was part of the second year of the IMAP/UPF-Argentina Interview Series (3), which seeks to highlight values and good practices. “Claiming the communicative value of the word, with a message of hope, with a peace perspective,” is one of IMAP-Argentina’s objectives.


1) Sebastián Armenault has applied the slogan, “Overcoming Is Winning,” for many years at the most extreme marathons on earth: 170 km in the Oman Desert, 190 km in the Himalayas, 200 km in New Zealand, 50 km in Antarctica, and 250 km in the Sahara Desert, among others. He is the first Argentinian in the 7 Continents Club, having run at least one marathon in each of the 7 continents. Overcoming Is Winning is the title of his book, which he gave to Pope Francis in Rome and to Father Pedro Opeka in Madagascar.

Reference video:



2) Sebastián Armenault - IMAP/UPF-Argentina 2022 Interview Series – 11/8/2022:

3) IMAP/UPF-Argentina 2022 Interview Series

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