Marriage and Family


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Marriage and Family

UPF-Argentina Hosts Social Club Meeting for Families

Argentina-2021-02-20-UPF-Argentina Hosts On-Site and Zoom Social Club Meeting for Families


Heado, Argentina—“For a United World” was the theme of the family meeting held at Sociedad de Fomento Federal del Oeste, neighborhood association in Haedo, Morón, Province of Buenos Aires, on February 20, 2021. The event, organized by UPF-Argentina, included brief speeches, artistic numbers, and a food basket raffle. Due to social distancing protocols, there were only 15 on-site attendees, and the event was broadcast on Zoom.

“I want to thank UPF for being able to work and support the development of families, especially in these times, which is highly important. I believe all human beings overcame an enormous test, and families may become stronger or fall apart. We stand up for families strengthened from our humble place, always close to the neighbor, and with institutions such as UPF, which makes everything so much easier to achieve. This is why we are happy and proud that you are here,” said Cristian Martínez, president of the neighborhood association, in his welcoming speech. He is an active social leader who managed to transform an abandoned place into a training center with community activities (1).

José Gómez talked about family values and prevention of violence: “We haven’t achieved equality (among men and women) (…) No one has decided to be born women or men. We are born. Thus, if we are born, that means there is a source which created us, and that source determined which is the purpose of women and men in this world. Then, to solve such division, it is essential to understand the role of women.” José Gómez recently received an international certificate on Partner Relations. He emphasized the importance of being understanding and the differences between men and women, beginning with their distinctive biological traits. “Creating a family of values is possessing the knowledge of how I can live for the sake of others (…) Most couples do not look one another in the eyes, they cannot express their love. Through this knowledge, we need to change our habits (…) and we are going to be more peaceful within our families,” he expressed. He began his of international marriage established in 1982 with Shee Kim Lim; they have four children.

Miguel Werner, President of UPF-Argentina, thanked the neighborhood association for providing their place and for their solidarity work. Then, he briefly mentioned the activities developed by UPF and highlighted the importance of bonds, solidarity, and the family. The event concluded with a video on the celebration of the International Day of Families to promote these values (2).

Ambassadors for Peace Horacio Castellón and Margarita Duré, coordinators of the meeting, thanked the guests and especially the neighborhood association. They appreciated this meeting in such difficult times for “the family and humanity.” Then, they commented on the upcoming activities, such as the celebration of the International Day of Families in May.

The event ended with the raffle of a food basket, coordinated by Humberto Arena and Edith Castellón, from Youth and Students for Peace (YSP-Argentina), and with an on-site artistic performance. The folk song “Identidad santiagueña” was performed with passion by Marcelo Acosta.

Emcees of the program and the different presentations were Christian Castellón and the new Ambassador for Peace Matías Sayavedra, being on-site and virtual emcees, respectively (3).


1) Inauguration video on Potrero Digital Morón 2019 - Sociedad de Fomento Federal del Oeste:

2) Video on celebration of the International Day of Families 2019 – UPF with the Cultural and Social Arab League:

3) Artistic and sports presentations:

Video on the 2021 International Tong Il Moo Do Seminary:

“Volver a empezar,” by Alejandro Lerner, performed by Tobías Melgarejo:

Music video of “Un hogar para todos,” performed by Thomas Dantas and Christian Castellón, lyrics and music by Carlos Varga, President of FFWPU-Argentina:

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