Marriage and Family


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Marriage and Family

Pure Love Promoted in Albania and Kosovo

Albania-2016-02-14-Pure Love Promoted in Albania and Kosovo

Tirana, Albania—UPF and two affiliated organizations held public events in Albania and the neighboring nation of Kosovo to promote purity and marital fidelity.

Pristina, Kosovo

UPF-Albania, working jointly with the Albanian chapters of Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) and the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP), organized a project in the capital of Kosovo on February 14, 2016, titled “Pure Love Promotion.”

The project had three events: The first was distributing leaflets that explained about the “Pure Love Promotion” and its three organizing groups. The second consisted of marching with posters in the central square of Pristina, and the third was the main educational and entertainment program at Pristina’s Youth Palace.

In total, 500 leaflets were given to students and others, whose reaction was positive. Around 35 young CARP members took part in the march while holding posters and chanting slogans about true love and family values. Many passers-by were attracted and congratulated the marchers. One Muslim believer bought flowers and gave them to some of the marchers. The participants felt very glad to receive so much encouragement. Finally, the main program at the Youth Palace featured a short video, a lecture on “Family, the School of Love,” some games and songs. Even though there were fewer participants than expected, the atmosphere was very positive.

Tirana, Albania

Also on February 14, the Albanian chapters of FFWPU and CARP organized a public event called “Absolute Love” in Tirana’s main park. UPF founder Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon wrote in his autobiography, “Being a virgin before marriage and being loyal during marriage are the most two important things,” and this was also the main proclamation during this event.

The participants approached young people to talk about sexual purity and to promote the exclusivity of the sexual relationship with one’s marriage partner. Those who agreed were asked to sign a poster that we had prepared. Married couples who pledged eternal loyalty to one another were presented with a “Love Certificate.”

The participants gave out leaflets about the “Absolute Love Alliance,” which also included the poem “Crown of Glory,” written by Rev. Dr. Moon when he was 16 years old. In this way it was easy to speak to couples about family values and collect their contact information in order to invite them to an upcoming Interfaith Peace Blessing.

On Saturday, February 20, FFWPU-Albania held a one-day seminar in its Tirana offices to explain to young people about the Interfaith Peace Blessing. There were 15 participants, of whom nine were hearing the contents for the first time. One young man, Gabor Vasmatics, gave a testimony about his experience at the Interfaith Peace Blessing. At the end of the seminar the participants expressed their enthusiasm about what they had heard and said they wanted to hear more.


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