Marriage and Family


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Marriage and Family

TV Show in Nepal Supports Marriage and Family

Kathmandu, Nepal - In a nationwide broadcast by Himalaya Television, UPF-Nepal hosted an interactive discussion that focused on the importance of marriage and family for lasting peace and social development. The program was initiated by UPF international, which held programs of a similar title in chapters throughout the world. These were designed so that UPF could speak out about the importance of maintaining moral and family values in this modern age.

Himalaya Television broadcasts to all 75 districts in Nepal and internationally to 140 nations. The program was filmed at UPF’s Peace Embassy in the capital, Kathmandu, and broadcast on November 9 at 9:00 PM, which is prime-time viewing in Nepal.

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Congressman Ek Nath Dhakal, the President of UPF-Nepal, introduced the program emphasizing that families are the building blocks for the individual and society as well as the nation. “In the family there are no boundaries between members of the same household. They are just one family,” the Nepalese Congressman said. Continuing the analogy he explained that UPF also advocates that humanity is one global family beyond borders. The UPF founders, Father and Mother Sun Myung Moon, are working to build one family under God that transcends barriers of race, nationality and religion.

There were five couples in the half-hour discussion.

Couple #1

Dr. Robert S. Kittel, Education Director, UPF-Asia
Mrs. Theresia Kittel, Principal, Sun Hwa International Academy

Dr. and Mrs. Kittel were matched by Father and Mother Moon in 1982. Father Moon’s education regarding the importance of marriage and family was vitally essential in helping them build a lasting marriage. “Our marriage began with a sacrifice,” Dr. Kittel noted. “The marriage commitment itself was that sacrifice. My wife and I pledged to be faithful to each other. And that was the sacrificial attitude upon which we started our married life.” Mrs. Kittel added that good societies and nations are built on the foundation of good families. With a confident, happy voice she said, “I found a husband who believes in Father Moon’s teaching on marriage and family; that’s why I am confident and I have best husband in the world.”

Couple #2

Mr. Shila Bahadur Moktan, senior musician
Mrs. Kunti Moktan, famous singer

Mr. and Mrs. Moktan shared how their marriage was an important contributing factor for the success of their music careers. Marriage was not, as many believe today, an obstacle to their professional advancement. They learned from each other, took care of each other, and even taught their children music, and they are now building their own musical careers. “Because of our understanding and respect, along with mutual love and faith in each other, we could make a happy home,” Mrs. Moktan said. They talked about the romance in their marriage and how their love blossoms still today.

Couple #3

Dr. Shreeram Prasad Upadhyay, professor and textbook writer, Nepal
Dr. Mrs. Bhagwati Upadhyay, Professor, Tribhuwan University

Prof. Shreeram Upadhyay shared how his life was changed after marriage—he became a responsible person. He said he was always inspired by his better half, and their marriage has brought growth in his character. “Marriage,” he said, “is necessary for everyone because it transforms the individual and society. On the other hand, being single tends to bring disorder in society.” He expressed appreciation to his wife for always supporting him in his writing career. In response, Mrs. Upadhyay said that in earlier times when a husband helped his wife, he would have been criticized and mocked, but her husband did not mind and continued helping her.

Couple #4

Hon. Dhan Raj Gurung, Member of Parliament, Youth leader from the Nepali Congress
Mrs. Jyoti Gurung, Manager in a cooperative

As a politician, Hon. Gurung regretted that he never has enough time to look after their home and children. “My wife is as like a candle which burns and gives light to our home,” he explained. “She saved my life. She suffered so much and raised up our family.” Hon. Gurung acknowledged that he owes his success to his wife’s untiring support. When Mrs. Gurung was asked if she felt hurt by public pressure and accusations in the media, she replied by saying that it was natural for people to push politicians with many demands. However, she did not mind that.

Couple #5

Mr. Binod Dangi, President, Family Federation for World Peace-Nepal
Mrs. Sarita Dangi, Founding Member, Women's Federation for World Peace-Nepal

Binod and Sarita Dangi were asked about inter-caste, inter-racial, and international marriages in Nepali society. Mr. Dangi said such marriages are an effective tool for creating positive social harmony. He noted that the world was divided in the name of different castes, races, and religions, but the power of love can transcend these differences. In this way social divisions will decrease while respect and understanding will increase, especially in the children raised in such families. He also appealed to the audience to discourage same-sex relationships because they are not part of healthy social norms. Mrs. Dangi said that she and her husband both study and believe in the ideals of family and marriage, so they have a good mutual understanding.

The TV show concluded with comments from Mr. Santosh Kumar Paudel, Secretary General of UPF-Nepal and the event coordinator. Mr. Paudel expressed concern that the rising immorality and chaos in society are putting more pressure on married couples. “We must educate our children how to establish and sustain healthy families,” he observed. He also noted that by overcoming these difficulties and challenges in building healthy families, then a happiness that is more precious than anything money can buy will be created. In summary, the family is where we care for each other and raise children in a good environment.

Through programs like this, UPF-Nepal wants to send a message to the younger generation, to intellectuals and to the whole Nepalese society that healthy marriages and families are essential to social well-being.

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