Marriage and Family

Workshop on Marriage and Family in Accra

Accra, Ghana - UPF-Ghana held a three-day workshop for Ambassadors for Peace and religious leaders in the Accra metropolitan area from October 25 to 27 on "The Significance of Marriage and Family for Peace and Human Development."

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The workshop opened with the following sessions:

"UPF Recent Highlights," by Mrs. Helen M. Osei, Secretary General, UPF-Ghana

"The Benefits of Marriage," by Pastor James Aidoo, National Education Director, Family Federation for World Peace-Ghana
Commentary: Rev. Dr. Samuel Kumi – Dean of Students, Shepherd’s Hill Theological College

"Solving Moral Confusion," by Pastor Raymond Danquah, Resident Pastor, Family Federation for World Peace-Ghana
Commentary: Hon. Samuel N-A. Attoh, National Chairman, UPF-Ghana

"Marriage and Family as Instruments of Peace," by Rev. Itia Tegha, President of the Unification Movement-Ghana
Commentary: Srivas Das, Head of Hare Krishna Movement, Ghana

The workshop was an eye-opener to most of the ministers. Moreover, our ‘contents are indeed revealing,’ as one of the Pentecostal ministers commented, who stood up at one point and urged participants to avoid asking too many questions, but rather adopt a discerning spirit.

Among the participants were two queen mothers who were appointed Ambassadors for Peace in 2006 but had little time to participate in any of our activities (queen mothers are chosen from women of royal families and are female counterparts of the king). They said they felt sorry to have been in the dark all the while and requested the Secretariat to invite them to the next workshop.

The whole day session was chaired by the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Pan African Theological Universities, Rev. Prof. Edwin N. Korley, who is now Ghana’s representative on the Global Peace Council.

After the presentation on UPF's recent highlights, he said: “In fact, looking at the caliber of people world over who are associated with this organization, the question we should ask ourselves is, who are we? For this reason, we must be highly grateful to be part of it. Not only being grateful, but we must be committed to fulfill UPF goals.”

Thirty-five dignitaries participated in this workshop. By the third day, five new people inquired about further workshops because they had been contacted by some of the participants. By the close of the workshop, ten new people had registered for the next workshop.

The workshop ended with five new people appointed Ambassadors for Peace: four ministers and a banker.

A few days ago, I received names from Nigeria, Burkino Faso, and Liberia of six dignitaries who want to participate in our workshop here in Ghana. This is happening because people who have heard our presentations are contacting friends and relatives to tell them about the activities of UPF.

As at the time of this report, three ministers who are Ambassadors for Peace have invited us to their churches to educate their congregations. Others are mobilizing leaders of their churches for the next workshop, scheduled for November 21-25.

On the evening of October 27, there was a fact-finding meeting with the Chairman of the Interfaith Council, Rev. Prof. Korley, and the Secretariat staff. He is seeking ways to work with all religions at the national level and was particularly interested in discussing African (Fetish) Religion, which in a sense is being practiced in Ghana as well as some other African nations. We described the UPF Founder’s investment over many years in educating religious leaders worldwide, including his proposal that an interreligious council be established at the United Nations.

There is a new wind of great result blowing in Ghana right now, and I must confess that I am grateful for the privilege to be part of it.

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