Marriage and Family

UPF-UK Program Focuses on Family

United Kingdom-2022-03-31-UPF-UK Honors Mothers and Albanian Spirit

London, United Kingdom—The value of the family in Albanian culture was highlighted in a UPF event organized with the non-profit organization Successful Mothers.

"Mothers’ Empowerment in Recovering Society" was a moving program emphasizing the role and wisdom of mothers and the importance of family. There was a strong contingent of Albanians both in the audience and addressing the conference.

The event was held in the London Peace Embassy on March 31, 2022, in recognition of the British celebration of Mother’s Day.

The theme brought together mothers, writers, speakers, and activists from different communities in the United Kingdom.

The co-sponsoring organization, Successful Mothers, creates experiences that bring people together with innovative thinkers who are making a real difference with their work.

UPF-UK Secretary General Robin Marsh and Director Margaret Ali opened the meeting and introduced the speakers:

Merita Isufi, a personal coach and the founder of Successful Mothers;

Ian Pelham Turner, a television commentator and journalist;

Elham Fardad, the founder and CEO of Migrant Leaders’

Aida Haziri, a teacher and professional language trainer;

Teuta Avdyli, the author of Family: Legacy of Love and a parenting mentor.

Other speakers appeared through an online connection: the Ukrainian photographer Anfisa Polyushkevych, poet and writer Nexhi Hasani, and soprano Anila Hoxha Gjermeni.

A panel on the importance of mothers’ well-being included:

Rema Duli, a service manager at a mental health and well-being service;

Rainela Xhemollari, a family therapist;

Nora Abdullahu Kastrati, a parent program officer and community development project leader at the British Albanian Kosovar Council;

Lediana Paja, a journalist and coordinator at Shpresa Programme, a charity that works with Albanian-speaking refugees and migrants.

In the next part of the event, Ambassador for Peace certificates were awarded to four prominent individuals:

Nora Abdullahu Kastrati is a life and personal performance coach and executive coach, and community development leader at the British Albanian Kosovar Council. Because of the war in Kosovo, she came to London in 1999, knowing very few people and hardly any English. Now she is helping hundreds of families, couples, parents, and young people to achieve success.

Aida Haziri, a professional language trainer and lead teacher in Albanian language training, works for the Ardhmeria refugee community organization and supplementary schools.

Lediana Pajaj is a women’s advocate at Shpresa Programme, a charity that works with Albanian-speaking refugees and migrants. She also is a health and safety officer for Right Choice Services, working with young people leaving the care system.

Ian Pelham Turner has been a journalist and TV broadcaster for 55 years. He has worked across the world with major broadcasters promoting the values of communities in Britain, highlighting support for young people and their ideas, businesses in general, and women’s causes.


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