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Interfaith Programs

Jerusalem Interfaith Forum Members Speak at High School in Acre

Israel-2017-03-28-Jerusalem Interfaith Forum Members Speak at High School in Acre

Acre, Israel—Members of UPF-Israel’s Jerusalem Interfaith Forum for Understanding and Cooperation Among Religions were invited to speak at an interfaith event that took place at an ORT high school in Acre, a city located along the Mediterranean coast of northern Israel, on March 28, 2017. The event was led by Ambassador for Peace Sheik Samir Aasi. Religious leaders met 150 students from Jewish, Muslim and Christian backgrounds. The day was dedicated to co-existence in Acre, where Jews, Muslims, Druze and Christians live as neighbors.

The speakers of the panel were: Sheik Aasi, former imam of El-Jazar Mosque; Greek orthodox archimandrite Filusious; Druze Sheik Naim Hillu, who is also a judge; Acre chief Rabbi Yossef Yashar, Baha’i leader Shervin Setareh; Ambassador for Peace Mrs. Karima Kathili; and UPF representative Ms. Miri Kamar.

The panelists talked with the children about love, as well as about giving and accepting each other’s religion. The students responded exuberantly.

Mrs. Kamar gave a presentation on the interfaith work UPF has carried out in Acre as well as on the activities UPF has organized, such as youth service projects, to foster cooperation among religions. 

Following Mrs. Kamar’s request, a student read the following excerpt from the autobiography of UPF founder, Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, “As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen”:

“The role of religious scholars is even more important. Religious scholars do not need to be teaching complex theories and the superiority of their own religions. Instead, they need to give their students the wisdom to love humanity and build a world of peace. They need to teach the principle of selflessness. We cannot expect a future of happiness for humanity if scholars do not take the lead in teaching our descendants the principles of peace. Humanity is one brotherhood and sisterhood, and the world is one family.” (pgs. 293-294)

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