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Prayer for Syrian Children in Netanya, Israel

Israel-2016-12-24-Prayer for Syrian Children in Netanya, Israel

Netanya, Israel—On the evening of December 24, 2016, a prayer for Syrian families and children was held at a synagogue in Netanya led by Rabbi Edgar Nof, a senior member of UPF-Israel’s Jerusalem Interfaith Forum for Understanding and Cooperation among Religions.

Twenty members of Rabbi Nof’s community, many of who come from different countries around the world, offered prayers in Hebrew, English, Spanish, Dutch and Romanian.

 “May God shower His mercy upon you,” “May the world be mercy for your misery,” “May the children of Syria have joy and light and salvation and redemption,” prayed some. “We worry for you and love you very much,” said others. Prayers were also offered for the children to settle in a warm home and grow up healthy and in a safe environment.


The prayers follow:

Aharonov Yakar: Children of Syria – may God shower His mercy upon you.

Yosefa Shaaltiel: Children of Syria – may the world be mercy for your misery.

Alexandra Marex: I hope you will gain peace.

Sara Guri: Our prayer is for the mighty Creator who is the God who saves us, and protects us. God of mercy, of peace and of life—please give life and peace for the Syrian children.

Mikel Takker: We hope that the past horrible years will be behind us, and the year of 2017 will bring you peace and happiness.

Reuven Marko: I pray for all the children of Syria to have joy and light and salvation and redemption. I pray for you to get out of the hell you are in.

Irit: May the love and light within each human soul enlighten the darkness in which part of humanity reigns. Wishes of love, joy and bravery for the children of Syria.

Shulamit Regev: We care for you, worry for you and love you very much, and we hope that soon you will settle in a hot and warm home, so you can grow up to be a model of goodness for the world.

Debbi Russo: May God bless you and take care of you.

Suzan Takker: I hope that you are all young enough to forget the terrible tragedy you have lived through, and that you will grab on the new tomorrow and make a better world.

Fran Hagner: I wish for all the children of Syria an end to the fear and pain and suffering, and a restoration of a normal childhood and the growing up that they are entitled to.

Dan Goldshmit: May the suffering for those who died not be in vain, and may the children that have survived overcome their difficulties.

Patrishia Relf: I just pray for peace on Syria, on the children and on the families.

George: I wish for the children in Syria to get out of the hell you are in as quick as possible.

A video of the prayers can be viewed at

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