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Sheik Samir Aasi - A True Ambassador for Peace

2014-11-18-Israel-Sheik Samir Aasi-QCJerusalem, Israel - A day after the Nov. 18, 2014, massacre in a synagogue in Jerusalem, Sheik Samir Aasi arrived with other religious leaders to express support and sympathy for the affected community. Several hours later, acid was thrown on his car, delivering a threatening message. The media headlines proclaimed: "Hate Crime Suspected in Acre: Acid Thrown on Car of Imam Identified with the Massacre Victims."

With bravery and dedication to the values of peace and with strong faith Sheik Aasi said that he will continue in ways of peace.

Together with Jewish religious leaders and members of the municipality, the outspoken imam is well-known for his efforts to mediate between Muslims and Jews in the mixed city of Acre.

Recently, Sheik Aasi was called a "traitor" in various forums in the Arab sector. The sheik responded by saying that he is not afraid and does not regret his visit to Jerusalem. "I do not care what happened to me personally. I think this is the right way, I am proud of this visit and I will continue to walk the path of peace."

Sheik Aasi remains a shining example of a true Ambassador for Peace, who continues to fight for peace on the front line daily, even at the risk of his life. He continues to touch the hearts of those who have met him from all walks of life: whether Jewish, Christian, Druze or Muslim. His sincerity and courage, while unfortunately making him a target, have also made it easy for others to appreciate him and want to follow him in his efforts for peace.

For a report in Hebrew accompanied by photos, click here.

Translations of the captions:
1. Sheik Samir Aasi
2. 2008: Sheik Aasi with (former) president of Israel Mr. Shimon Peres and with the chief rabbis of Israel
3. Sukkoth: the chief rabbi of Acre hosts Sheik Samir Aasi in his official sukkah.
4. Sheik Aasi this week, near by synagogue, comforting the bereaved
5. acid on Imam Aasi's car

Members of the Jerusalem Interfaith Forum pictured in the photo at the top of the article, left to right: Fr. Dimitri Mussa, Rabbi Edgar Nof, Sheik Ali Birani, and Sheik Samir Aasi


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