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Bergamo Declaration on Interreligious Cooperation

Statement adopted by participants in a conference on Interreligious Cooperation for the Protection of Human Rights and Dignity held in Bergamo, Italy, November 15-16, 2008

We, the young leaders of the world’s religions, faith communities and civil society, united in the conviction that world peace is attainable, conscious of our responsibilities towards this goal, affirming the principles of the United Nations Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, considering the diversity within the world human family a source of enrichment, hereby declare that religions, faith communities and civil society can and should:

  1. Appreciate the diversities of cultures and religions as a common global heritage, and recognize the common origin of each person;
  2. Establish a date for a World Day of Interreligious Cooperation;
  3. Support youth education enhancing respect and appreciation of all different beliefs, faiths and cultures;
  4. Positively contribute to the furtherance of world peace, human rights and personal dignity;
  5. Recognize international migration as a source of cultural, social and spiritual enrichment, and protect individual dignity;
  6. Firmly believe in brotherly cooperation between people;
  7. Promote and support interreligious, international, and intercultural cooperation in order to overcome divisions brought on by history;
  8. Condemn all acts of violence, discrimination, and exploitation committed in the name of religions and faiths;
  9. Promote and encourage respect and protection of the environment;
  10. Actively support the completion of the Millennium Development Goals through cooperation between religions, faith communities, and civil society;
  11. Encourage the United Nations, international organizations, governments, and the civil society, through this interreligious council, to propose solutions to the problems of humanity;
  12. Strengthen the family institution as a basis of a whole, harmonious society;
  13. Actively involve youth in the decision-making process at all levels;
  14. Inherit, develop, and bequeath human values to all future generations.

In the light of the Bergamo Declaration on Interreligious Cooperation, leaders and members of the world religions, faith communities, and civil society are called to the following action plan at the local level:

  1. To have the Bergamo Declaration on Interreligious Cooperation translated in the major world languages, and to disseminate it;
  2. To establish an interreligious council with permanent headquarters at the local level;
  3. To establish an interreligious place of worship;
  4. To organize every year a peace sports, music, and culture festival;
  5. To promote education about religions within the school system;
  6. To organize and promote learning through service;
  7. To draw up and distribute a code of ethics of family life.

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