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Estonia Explores K-pop and the Road to Pyongyang

Estonia-2021-04-10-Estonia Explores K-pop and Road to Pyongyang

Tallinn, Estonia—UPF held its third webinar about life and culture on the Korean Peninsula.

A total of 51 participants attended “Rise of K-pop and the Road of Peace to Pyongyang” on April 10, 2021.

As this webinar series promotes the peaceful unification of North and South Korea, it also seeks for ways that can help unification to take place.

The first panelist, Maari Hinsberg, a researcher of South Korean music, described the historical background of K-pop and how it has developed. She explained the big role of pop culture in South Korea and how it is connected with other aspects of human life! It was encouraging to hear the words of South Korean President Jae-in Moon that “in the 21st century, culture is power” and his belief that music can play a vital role in the unification of North and South Korea.

The second panelist, Dmitry Samko, the chairman of UPF-Moscow, spoke about the Peace Road project that UPF-Russia carried out in the heart of Pyongyang in the autumn of 2019.

The audience had the opportunity to present their questions to the panelists.

The third presentation was about Mount Kumgang (“Diamond Mountain”), located in North Korea not far from the border with South Korea. UPF founder Dr. Sun Myung Moon once described it as a common treasure of Korea: “Mount Kumgang is a national-level project.”

If a proposed development project were to move forward, Russia and China would unite with other Asian countries to build an airport, a hub for major cities throughout the world. With the opening of this airport, tourists would flock to Asia from the Middle East and elsewhere, and new air routes would open up across Asia, Europe and the Americas.”

Next there was a lottery to present three gifts to the participants as a sign of gratitude.

The webinar concluded with a video of the song Huimangga (희망가, “Song of Hope”) performed by Mr. Myung-gon Kim, a South Korean actor, screenwriter and music director, and a former minister of culture and tourism.

All the feedback received from the audience was very positive.

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