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Northeast Asia Peace Initiative

UPF-South America Experts Discuss Peaceful Reunification of Korea

South America-2021-03-12-Experts Discuss Peaceful Reunification of Korea in Webinar Seen by Over 1,000 Throughout South America

South America—On March 12, 2021, UPF-South America held an International Leadership Conference (ILC) with the following topic: “The Peaceful Reunification of Korea, Through Interdependence, Mutual Prosperity and Universal Values.”

The strategic organization principle of the ILC program is to work together to build, strengthen and expand each association under UPF, as a foundation for the ongoing work of creating families, societies, nations and a world of universal and lasting peace. Held online through the Zoom platform and broadcast on Youtube, the event was attended by 1,340 people from all over South America.

The moderator of the event was Dr. Professor Félix Fariña Colonel, secretary general of UPF-Paraguay. He started the event by congratulating all women on International Women's Day, which was celebrated on March 8, in particular Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, who was a great pioneer in peace activities for the peaceful reunification of Korea.

Bishop Estanislao Obregón, from Paraguay, conducted the opening prayer. We prayed for the unification of the Korean Peninsula the nation that may be known as the New Jerusalem. In addition, we expressed gratitude to the Father and Mother of Peace for founding UPF and for bringing together all their children from different parts of the world.

After the presentation of a video about the Korean War, we started the event with welcoming words given by Rev. Dong Mo Shin, chairman of UPF-South America and International vice president of the Peace Road Foundation. One of UPF’s fundamental values, he said, is that God, the Creator, is the Father and Mother of humanity. Another value is a Sacred Community, where the leaders of each field participate and seek God to put these values into practice in order to achieve a world of peace.

Dr. Simão Ferabolli, secretary general, UPF-South America and president, UPF-Brazil, noted as he looked back that the founders of the UPF, Dr. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han, both born in North Korea, made a great effort to promote reconciliation between the Koreas. They made a historic visit to North Korea and met with the former President Kim Il Sung to discuss the prospects for reconciliation. From this occasion, they opened an opportunity to strengthen the relationship between the Koreas.

Ms. Mercedes Susana Giuffré, member of the Argentine Council on International Relations and coordinator of the Working Group on Korea (Asia-Pacific Committee), observed that the reunification process must be carried forward gradually and peacefully. Neighboring countries must ensure this. Moreover, the Koreas must assume one identity, recognizing the historical and cultural past that both share.

Pastor Dr. Charles W. Schultz, minister, president, Christian Church Restore Colombia, reminded participants that the peaceful unification of Korea needs voluntary support between the government and the people of the two Koreas to implement political, economic, social, cultural and religious changes from two opposing views. He congratulated UPF for establishing this type of initiative.

Dr. Susana Mangana Porteiro, specialist in Islam and the Arab world, Catholic University of Uruguay, cautioned that the more than seven-decade separation that gave rise to these differences has two contrary readings, but the evidence is that most Koreans living today have no direct references to a unified Korea. Thus, this highlights the need to raise the desire for unification in the people of Korea.

Professor Joveny Cândido de Oliveira, dean, Goiás University Center, Brazil, said that during the past few years, some reunification initiatives have not been very effective due to interferences from countries that influence the Korean economy, but a new strategy should be established, such as the establishment of a single currency and trade facilitation at the borders. 

Mrs. Leila Florencio Dos Santos, shepherd, Church Mission Christ Returns, Brazil, offered that the message of “Peace, Security and Human Development” is that we religious women leaders know that we can battle to conquer, to leave legacies, to inspire and to motivate people to continue being differentiated messengers wherever we go.

We welcomed Hajji Dr. Roshan Khan, president, UPF-Guyana and leader of the Muslim Community of Guyana, to give the final words. He said, to carry out the unification of the Koreas, we propose that strategies be developed to ensure that North Koreans have a positive post-unification life, in order to guarantee their cooperation in the unification process.

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